DBL has been laid to rest.
04/2009 - 12/2013


Here's the final update. So long. Interviews with Lizzie Grey, Necroterror Records and Painted Faces were added. We also reviewed the Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3-compilation, splits between White Gimp Mask & Volksmorg and Nodian & Ancient Hatred, EPs from Cicutoxin, Cut To Fit, Dead Moose, Killjoy Corporation, The Shangri Blahs, Torso. and Weepikes, full-lengths from An Moku, Doomed, Enemies, Gestalte, Jumalhämärä, Kashmar, Nistikko, Ofghost, OWL, Pulvis Et Umbra, Sacrilegious Impalement, the volume settings folder and Weirdship, and demos from Electric Wheels Of Confusion, Pissing Cobras, Pohjamuta and Tapers.

The newest additions include a gig report featuring Sammal & Garden Of Worm @ Vastavirta-Klubi, interviews with Moloken, Oakeater, Ringworm and The Dead C, and reviews of albums from Bad Braids, BloodRedSky, Dordeduh, Iapethos, Riutta, Soufferance and Spawn From Deceit.

We interviewed the band Gerk and mr. Marzi Montazeri of Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals. Albums were reviewed from Eïs and Sagntid, a compilation-album from Forkboy, a demo from Lifes and EPs from Axeslaughter, Bloodhammer, Chestburster and Corephallism.

We interviewed the organizers of Sellainen Puistojuhla and the bands Chestburster and Satan. EPs were reviewed from Borg 64, Constant Vulse and Ossarivm, full-lengths from [ówt krì] and Ævangelist, a live album from Total Recall and a demo from Abus.

New interviews with I, Voidhanger Records, ZINVMM and Jim Coleman of Phylr and Cop Shoot Cop, and gig reports of Chest & Musta Risti @ Varjobaari and Black Crucifixion & Convulse @ Yo-Talo. Albums were reviewed from Nothing More To Eat, Sortokausi and Venus Star, an EP from Prayed And Betrayed and a demo from Nodian.

More. We interviewed the label Alrealon Musique and the bands Aspectee and Fun. Albums were reviewed from Hasta La Vista Social Club, Moloken, Nyodene D and Wheelfall, EPs from Decibel Hammer, Dual, Duncan Evans, Kaunis Kuolematon and Musta Risti, a demo from Scumrise and a split between Puukotus & Musta Oksennus.