We interviewed the band Gerk and mr. Marzi Montazeri of Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals. Albums were reviewed from Eïs and Sagntid, a compilation-album from Forkboy, a demo from Lifes and EPs from Axeslaughter, Bloodhammer, Chestburster and Corephallism.

We interviewed the organizers of Sellainen Puistojuhla and the bands Chestburster and Satan. EPs were reviewed from Borg 64, Constant Vulse and Ossarivm, full-lengths from [ķwt krė] and Ævangelist, a live album from Total Recall and a demo from Abus.

New interviews with I, Voidhanger Records, ZINVMM and Jim Coleman of Phylr and Cop Shoot Cop, and gig reports of Chest & Musta Risti @ Varjobaari and Black Crucifixion & Convulse @ Yo-Talo. Albums were reviewed from Nothing More To Eat, Sortokausi and Venus Star, an EP from Prayed And Betrayed and a demo from Nodian.

More. We interviewed the label Alrealon Musique and the bands Aspectee and Fun. Albums were reviewed from Hasta La Vista Social Club, Moloken, Nyodene D and Wheelfall, EPs from Decibel Hammer, Dual, Duncan Evans, Kaunis Kuolematon and Musta Risti, a demo from Scumrise and a split between Puukotus & Musta Oksennus.

That is not dead which can eternal lie. We interviewed the bands Druhá Smrt, Fister, Nar Mattaru, Noisem and Sakatat, and wrote about the gig of Torture Killer & Axegressor. As for reviews, we wrote about the demos from Altar Stomper and Wall Of The Eyeless, full-length albums from Umpio and William Klingenmeier & Tim Dickson Jr., EPs from Bullet Control and Svartvit, and about the splits between Lost Appeal & Larva, Orange Annihilator & Larva and The Escapist & Slack Bird.

We interviewed the bands Bullet Control, Kiveskives, Mother Goose, Plaguewielder, Wreck Of The Hesperus and Wömit Angel, and wrote something about the gig featuring Fun, Vene & Kansakunnan Ylpeys at Nuclear Nightclub. Full-length albums were reviewed from Desecresy, Mr. Big and Umpio, EP's from Psykoanalyysi, The Wakedead Gathering as well as Grooodg's mini-releases Bestia Nero and Hammer of Witches, a split between Body Cargo & Pogrom, and demos from Bathoven and Solothus.

We interviewed the bands Black Totem, Kuilu, Serpent Venom and Michael Berdan of Believer/Law, York Factory Complaint etc, and we visited the gigs of Cannibal Corpse @ Nosturi, Helsinki and Saturnian Mist w/ Funerary Bell & Hellspirit @ Ilokivi, Jyväskylä. In addition, we reviewed full-length albums from Antimatter, De Arma, DEATHSTENCH, Gobra, Igorrr, Oyaarss and Project Silence, an EP from Nekrokyrpä, and a split between Total Vomit Experience & Kashmar.

We're back. We interviewed the bands Cinema Cinema and Sparrows, and visited the following gigs: Impaled Nazarene @ Nuclear Nightclub, Turmion Kätilöt w/ Timo Rautiainen & Neljäs Sektori @ Pakkahuone and Electric Wizard w/ Tombstoned @ Klubi. Albums were reviewed from Blood Red Fog, Carcharodon, Heroin and Your Veins, Ride For Revenge, Surtr and Wömit Angel, an EP/compilation release from Jumalhämärä, and we also reviewed a split between Will Over Matter & Bizarre Uproar and demos from Kanto Arboretum, Ridere Deus and Umpikuja.

See you next year! We interviewed the bands Botanist, John 3:16, Overhead and The Project Hate MCMXCIX, and wrote gig reports featuring the bands Presley Bastards, Ydinaseeton Pohjola, Aokigahara & Slash Dementia @ Ilokivi and Rytmihäiriö, Horros & Shoveltrapez @ Suisto-Klubi. An EP was reviewed from Hippycrack, and full-length albums from Aberrant Vascular, Backlash, Knurl, Niveau Zero, Overhead, Sinoia Caves and The Howling Void.

Black Crucifixion, Saturnian Mist and Forsaken Legion played a gig in Oulu, which you can read about in here, and we interviewed the bands Colossloth and The Gardnerz. Albums were reviewed from Deathmarched and Senescence, and EPs from Black Totem, Cut To Fit, Derrida, Iron Boris and Vornoff.

Albums reviewed from John 3:16, Mothlite and Siinai, EPs from DEATHSTENCH, Ravage Ritual, Serotonin Eyes and Unclean, and demos from Mojo Waves and Wall Of The Eyeless. Do also check out the gig reports featuring Kypck w/ Iiwanajulma & The Physicists @ Nuclear Nightclub, Circle w/ Uniavaruuspöllö @ Vastavirta-Klubi and Merzbow w/ Death Trip @ Kuudes Linja.

We interviewed Gnaw Their Tongues and Reima Lihavainen, and reviewed albums from Fokkum, Nihil Mortum and Noiko, EPs from Famine Year, Plaguewielder, Syömisen Äänet, Total Recall and Vermingod, and demos from Apocryfal, Insaniter, K+K-Tactics, Leka, Narkoosi and Pissing Cobras. Do also check out the gig report from Hämeenlinna's Suisto-Klubi featuring Total Recall & TAX.

We interviewed A Forest Of Stars, Auringon Hauta, Lasse Marhaug and Quartier23, and wrote about two gigs: Sadistic Intent w/ Gorephilia & Desolator @ PRKL Club, Helsinki & Ensiferum w/ ARG & Brymir @ Nosturi, Helsinki. An EP was reviewed from Kuilu and albums from Blodtokt, Cloama, Everlast and Served Dead.

LTT visited Slovenia's Metalcamp-festival and wrote about it here. New gig reports were added: Woodrue, Sixpackgods, Throat & Tombstoned @ Vastavirta-Klubi and Velvetcut w/ The Chant @ Semifinal. Kenneth interviewed the bands Consciousness Removal Project and Mr. Peter Hayden, and we reviewed albums from A Forest Of Stars, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Atretic Intestine, Budrūs, Dødkvlt, Kylie Minoise, Still Light and Wasara, EPs from Kausalgia and Throat, demos from Squalor and Fecal Fetal, and splits between Axeslaughter & Necrolepsy, Larva, (<o>), Bagheads & B.B.T.W.E.O.A.H. and The Big Drum In The Sky Religion, Color Rabbit & Endometrium Cuntplow. Enjoy.

We interviewed Destroy Judas, Tile and Vihan Rytmi, and reviewed demos from Autuus?, Cicutoxin and Vargtimmen, full-length albums from D'incise, Forgotten Backyard, Impaled Nazarene, In The Silence, Kiveskives, Kreyskull, Ruby My Dear, Stoerfaktor and Temples, EPs from Depth Beyond One's, Halladrol, Hävitys and Left Cold, and a collaboration between Charnel Winds & Verge.

We interviewed the bands Ambient Death, Serpent Ascending and Throat. New reviews: albums from Adastra, Heroin and Your Veins, Objectum Sexual, Pagan Skull, Pyuria and Ysengrin, EPs from Arrestum, Halalnihil's Freedom Destroyer and What The Future Should Be, Moonreich, Morbus Gallicus and Unamed, singles from Atom Notes and Gotham O.D, demos from Refusal and Shia-Ixa, and a split between Luna Dopa & Emme Ya.

M visited the punk-festival Hässäkkä-Päivät and wrote about it here, and we interviewed the band Ilohuasca and the label Love Torture Records. Reviewed titles: albums from Autopsy Night, Bauda, Delayhead, Grunt, Kanibal Hymn, Manowar, Necrosadik, Pesta Porcina and Silene, a compilation from Nistikko, a live album from Grunt, EPs from Puukotus and Slash Dementia, a demo from (Psychoparalysis), and a split between Vidinė Ramybė & Vomir.

A new gig report of Puukotus performing in a rather unusual location, and interviews with the bands Heroin and Your Veins, Smohalla and Sundog Factory. Albums reviewed from Death By Snoo Snoo, Larvae, Les Discrets, Naumachia, Picture Ann, Stabbed Clerks and The Chant, EPs from Baxter Stockman, Burt, Carved In Ashes, Kaktus, Metasoma and Unclean, a compilation album from F.T.W. Boogie Machine, and splits between Axeslaughter & Sunface and Flooded Church Of Asmodeus & Prodeath.

New interviews from the metal band Stam1na and the experimental artists Marc Broude and Jared Blum. Albums were reviewed from the bands :Of The Wand And The Moon:, Aquilus, Devastator, Psychema, Schattenspiel, Somberaeon, Volksmorg and Wedding In Hades, EPs from Beherit, Vapaa Maa and White Tears, demos from Iapethos, Kädettömät Runkkarit and Raster Density, and splits between Prosatanos & Smoke and Supercrabs & Larva. There's also two new gig reports: Kiveskives w/ Neondad @ 45 Special, Oulu and Jex Thoth w/ Oranssi Pazuzu @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu.

This time we had the honour of interviewing the crust punks Noituus, the young death 'n' roll-group Putrefactive Disease, and the label Sombre Soniks which offers mixing and mastering services as well. Onto the reviews: EPs from Alchemist, Persus Kristus and Putrefactive Disease, and full-length albums from Carnal Demise, Curimus, Din Brad, Elmi, Fadeout, FluiD, Innzmouth, Mazakon Tactics, Napalm Death, Secrets Of The Moon, Stangala, The Undivine, Underhill, Warmarch, When Nothing Remains and Whourkr. Enjoy.

Three years of DBL. We interviewed the Greek metallers Lethal Saint and the legendary noise-artist GX Jupitter-Larsen. The new reviews are as follows: an EP from Noituus, and full-length albums from Altar Of Sin, Army Of 2600, Aus Der Transzendenz, Caro Emerald, Evadne, IOK-1, Spirit Descent, Still Light, Velocidad Absurda and Videl.

We interviewed the label Mind Flare Media, who deal with music ranging from harsh noise to experimental electronics and metal. We interviewed three bands as well; the Finnish hc-punk-band Left Cold, the Slovakian Black Metal band Warmarch, and Zara Kand who's known from The Crystelles and Shark Egg Blues. Full-length albums were reviewed from Alcest, Arctic Plateau, Ea, Herem, KRV, Lunar Path, Nailed Coil, Negative Reaction, Saturnian Mist, Sydän, Sydän and Zenith Reunion, EPs from Come To Get Her and Usko, a split between Verge & Blood Red Fog, a remix-collaboration between Al Qaeda & Endometrium Cuntplow, and a demo from Jorma Ollila. There's also a new gig report: Noituus & Ekaria w/ Temppeliherrat @ Kulttuuribingo, Oulu.

We recently interviewed the death industrial/power electronics-band Nyodene D. New reviews: albums from Aspectee, Avgrunden, Freakhate, Grave Siesta, Melted Cassettes, Rage My Bitch and Superdeathflame, an EP from Masteriis, demos from Necrolepsy and Porco Dio, a collaboration between Zoomonk & Zelig Concrete, and two splits featuring El Diablos Bloncos & Endometrium Cuntplow and Grindstroke & Lörsson. The two new reports are from the gigs of Grouper w/ Tuusannuuskat @ Telakka, Tampere & Tuhkaus, Arrestum, Antiklimax & Slack Bird @ Ykän Pub, Oulu. Enjoy.

John interviewed Hot Graves, Lou Rone and Ryan Jencks of Crash Worship (and many other groups). Do also read the new reviews of albums from Coffins, Disharmonic, Muzak, Neftaraka, Sadistik Forest and wojaz, a compilation-type release from Axeslaughter, a split between FluiD & John 3:16, and a lengthy EP from Morito Ergo Sum.

John had the honor of interviewing Eerie Von. Aside of that, we reviewed albums from Dense Vision Shrine, Doroga, Karsten Hamre, Raadelma, Sagntid, Simulacrum and Velvetcut, a compilation from Serpent Ascending, EPs from Apples Of Idun, Coprolith, Forgotten Backyard and Hiroshima Vacation, a split between Arroyo & Larva, and demos from Concrete Isolation Box and Urgamla. Finally, two gig reports: Goatmoon w/ Hiittenvare @ Hevimesta and Bullet Control w/ The Music Of Erich Zann & Electric Wheelchair @ Club Liberte.

A good bunch of albums reviewed from Antipope, Buzz Off Evil, Disease Of The Nation, Earth Today, Fading Waves, Nyodene D and Orbseven, a single/EP from Inauspicious Slow, demos from Rodent Epoch and Smoke, and a split between Agathocles & Kazamate. We also wrote a report from the mini-festival Talvi-iltain Hässäkät at Ykän Pub, Oulu.

Welcome to the new year. We interviewed the bands Axemaster, Pestilence, PonyKiller and Winterwolf, and got a gig-report of Helvetets Port, Evil-L˙n & Witchtiger playing at Dog's Home, Tampere. Here are the new reviews: a demo from E.T.A.S., an EP from Bleeding Fist, and albums from Amoth, Arsedestroyer, Ilohuasca, Kanto Arboretum, Marc Broude, Northern Discipline and Reido.

New content. An interview with Stomping Nick, a grindcore-filled gig report from Darkside Club, a demo reviewed from Yog Sothoth, and albums reviewed from 2 Wolves, Abhordium, Lady Maggot, Manowar and Smohalla.

The site was updated with interviews from the following artists: Arvet, I Decline, Refusal, Toxodeth and Ultraviolence. Do also check out the new gig reports of Exodus w/ Bloodride @ Nosturi, Sydän, Sydän @ Tanssisali Lutakko and The Reality Show & Lähdön Aika w/ Varoitus! @ Ykän Pub. This time we reviewed albums from Gothick, Ignis Divine, Mors Subita and Witching Hour, a split between LEECHhead & Ultra BonBon, demos from Putrefactive Disease and Sakari Ahola, and a live-album from Ydinmätä.

We found a new writer, named Ossi. But onto the update. After having read the interview with Partakrist, you can proceed to reading the following reviews. Albums reviewed from Death Toll 80k, Spawn From Deceit, Delta Force II, Rusty Pacemaker, Cheezface and Dim Arcana, a split between Dødkvlt & Goats of Doom, EPs from Memento Waltz, Nachzehrer, Cut To Fit, Horros and MC-COWBOY, a live-tape from Conclude, demos from Kuunvalon Kruunaama and Maze of Roots, and finally a massive compilation of fast-paced underground music entitled Everything is Fake!.

Our new reviews: Leather Nun America, The Lone Garage Massacre and Witchburner, EPs from Inuit Kunt, Kalma Ahdistus and The Other Salvation, and a demo from Musta Oksennus. Do also check out the four new interviews from the bands Cold Cold Ground, Nunslaughter, The Physicists and Witchcurse. There's also one new gig report: Winterwolf w/ Sadistik Forest & Torture Pulse @ Hevimesta, Oulu.

G.G.G has joined the ranks of DBL, and we got a new logo. As for reviews, we reviewed albums from Blastanus, Dark Buddha Rising, Difenacum, Marc Broude, The Physicists and Uzb, EPs from Funeral and Noituus, demos from Axeslaughter and Gestalte, and a compilation entitled Bearsuit Records: The Fall Will Probably Kill You. On top of that, Trez interviewed Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh, and we wrote to new gig reports: Dir en grey @ Nosturi, Helsinki & Fleshpress w/ Throat & Hebosagil @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu. Enjoy.

New reviews of albums from Dan Swanö and Heimdalls Wacht and a split between Hävitys and Ward. We also present to you two new interviews, one with Danny Hyde and the other with Witches Mark, as well as a report from Ilosaarirock-festival. Enjoy.

Quite a batch of stuff this time. Albums reviewed from Medo, Murw, Sacrimony, Slash Dementia and Verge, EPs from Evolved As None Tuhkaus and Witchcurse, a split between Gorgonized Dorks and Paregorik, and demos from Axeslaughter, Mucophiliac Narcolepsy, Refusal, Sagntid and Smoke. Do also check out the interviews with the harsh-noise artist Vomir and the occult music label Saturnian Productions. Last but not least, enjoy the report from this year's Tuska Open Air Metal Festival.

Enjoy the newest reviews. Albums reviewed from Druyd, Kenji Siratori, Necrosadik, Omega and The Republic of Desire, EPs from Cut To Fit and Grindstroke, a compilation from Cahier, a demo from Sanguine Pluit and a split between Gasmask Violence & Vuohi. We also added three new interviews with the bands Al Atkins / Holy Rage, Spirit Disease and The Carnival. The interview with Al Atkins was conducted by our newest member, John Wisniewski.

We now have over 400 reviews. The newest ones: albums from Barbarossa Umtrunk and Satan's Host, EPs from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Carnage Pit, hospital NEON, Psykoanalyysi, Unlimited Carnage and Verge, compilation-releases from Höllenpoetik and Kvell, and demos from Araqiel, Gravsahl and Rust n' Rage. Do also check out our the new interview with Feastem.

Albums reviewed from the bands & artists Daina Dieva, Erazor, Kill The Romance, Dødkvlt, Walkabeat, Spirit Disease and Unexpect, EPs from Schizoid Lloyd, Videotrage and 156, and a demo from Pagan Skull. Also, we're more than joyful to present you a gig report of Thor's heavy metal show, and a lengthy interview with Kuolema.

A bunch of new reviews: albums from Ahma, Arvet, The Snail Knows & R. Sawake and Veér, an EP from Magnitophono, a remix-compilation from Hjorten, a 4-way split between Arroyo, Hallucinosis, Meatus and Ogre, and demos from Vuohi, Woland and Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh. Do also check out the new interview with Rízes and the reports of Ajattara's gig and Tragedy's gig with Ydinperhe.

DBL has reached the age of two years. New albums reviewed from Ambientplanechunks, Kristus Kut and Rízes, EPs from Sircuscus and Phosphene And Friends, demos from Partakrist and Abcession, and a compilation from Vornoff.

We'll return to normal update schedule as soon as possible. New album-reviews from Devil Doll, Drop Forge, Grindstroke and Stephen O'Malley.

Albums reviewed from Nistikko, Trakooma and La Monte Young, EPs from IOK-1, Merankorii, Snowfade and Svart, demos from Kausalgia, Tarnished Quintet and Vuohi, and a split-release between Con Gone Wrong and Gorgonized Dorks.

New reviews, two of which were written by our newest member Kenneth. Albums from Alghazanth, Cavus, Desecresy, Feastem, Frostbitten Kingdom, John Zorn, Nyodene D and The Project Hate MCMXCIX, EPs from Ghoul Skool and hhhhh, and a promo/demo from Weltschmerz. Do also check out our new interviews, with the groups Alghazanth, Morne and Oranssi Pazuzu.
Lastly, a gig report: Sink w/ Kaakau @ Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu.

New reviews, a lot of them of demos this time. Albums reviewed from HysM?duo, Kristus Kut and Mystified, EPs from Anon, They Move... and Cut To Fit, and demos from Elderhead, Influenza, Nil, Smoke and Sortovalta.

Full-lenghts reviewed from the artists Antero Toiviainen, Halgrath and Videotrage, a full-lenght collaboration between Barbarossa Umtrunk & Schattenspiel, EPs from Aokigahara and Picture Ann, and demos from LEECHhead and Missile.

Albums reviewed from Endometrium Cuntplow, Morne and Windmill Moth Glue, EPs from Ahtictap, Hippycrack and Kalmanväki, and a split between .SCARlet., Lithia Spectre and Mentalny Kolaps. Do also check out the brand new interview with Lord of Pagathorn, a Finnish black metal cult band.

Abandoned Hope Zine has merged with DBL, and as a result we now have a new writer named 0. Here are some interviews from last year that were conducted by him under the AHZ-banner: Inferius Torment, Dotåbåtå, Burden, Torba, Ulv, Black Angel, Slaughter Command, Ruho, Paregorik, Aokigahara, Edge Of October and Circuit Wound.

We've returned from the holidays. Albums reviewed from Kuldvas and Vauva, EPs from Astral Sleep, Kuollut Muisto and Vanhelga, as well as a collaboration between Diofarfalla & Solguest and demos from Huoripukki and the resurrected Lord Of Pagathorn.

Enjoy the holidays, and try not to pass out in the snow. Albums reviewed from the bands Demetrius Grave, Eierkoch Automat, Frostbitten Kingdom, Innfallen and Sarcofagus, as well as a compilation from Hjorten, promo/demo from Oranssi Pazuzu, a cover-EP from Conclude, and a noisy V/A-compilation entitled Nyrkki & Kyrpä II. Do also check out the gig reports, featuring Dead In The Water w/ Seal Of Beleth and Noituus w/ Tuhkaus.

Approaching a new year. New reviews: albums from 0, Death By Snoo Snoo, Grist and Scorngrain, a compilation from Burt, an EP from Psykoanalyysi, and a split between Endometrium Cuntplow & NRYY.

An album reviewed from Iris Traumann, and EPs from Coso, Kuollut Muisto and Sortokausi.

Only full-lenghts this time. Reviews of albums from Cold Cold Ground, Emme Ya, Moon, Necrosadik and Secret Druid Society. Do also check out the new gig report by Trez, from a gig from the bands Evil-L˙n & Hellspirit.

New reviews, mainly of demos this time. Reviews of EPs from Nordwind, Perisynti, Hellhouse and Heavy Metal Perse, a split between Gravsahl & Kreetur, and demos from Frozen Semen, Necrolepsy, Ridere Deus, Slash Dementia and Smoke. Do also check out the new interview with Morgue Fornicator.

Reviews of full-lenght albums from Ambiansu, Manica, Subterrestrial, Taub and Winterwolf, and an EP by Hjorten.

New album reviews from GAF and VoidWork, EP's reviewed from 0+Q, Akronia and Morbid Execution, and a recent demo/promo from Saturnian Mist whom we also interviewed here.

A bunch of new reviews. Albums from Anal Blasphemy, Evestus and Musta Kappeli, splits between Celestial Navigator & Speaker Ritual, Conclude & Kuolema, Gorgonized Dorks & xAOAx and Korgonthurus & Musta Kappeli, along with demos from Moral Front, Orcrypt and Verhext. Do also check out the new gig report by our newest member Trez, and the interview with M!

New reviews. Albums from 0+Q and Blastanus, an EP from Tribes Of Medusa and a compilation titled Sex Magick. Do also check out the interview with Huoripukki.

Modern and Oldschool. Reviews of a remake-album from 1234567890, full-lenght albums from Aspectee and Farscape, and EPs from Condemned System, Overbreath, S.D.D. and RPM Orchestra. Do also check out the new interview with Ziekte Records.

New reviews. Albums from Hoyland and Morgue Fornicator, a lenghty EP from Dim Arcana, and a single/EP from Demonic Cremator.

New reviews. A full-lenght collaboration from Harold Nono & Hidekazu Wakabayashi, a split between Tainted Corrosive Mist & Thermionic Tapes, a new EP from Bird from the Abyss, a single from Cavus, and demos from Vanhelga and Melusaaste. Also, a new gig report by Lazy Bastardo: Repulsione w/ Viimeiset Sekunnit & Earth Today.

Five new reviews. The newest album from Venefica, a split promo between Apples of Idun, Epoché, Evestus and Mimicry, and EPs from Hjorten, Morgvir and Weltschmerz.

New reviews: Albums from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency and Schattenspiel, a split between DungeönHammer and Rust, EPs from Atom Notes and Endometrium Cuntplow, a demo from Gian and a three-way noisecore split by Noituus, Anal Barbara and A-(luokan)naali. In addition to the above, an interview with Atom Notes and a festival-report from Hässäkkä-Päivät were added.

The last reviews from Warggoath, at least for now. Albums from Acid Bath, Argue Damnation and Necrofrost, and EPs from Vivisick and Vaasankatu SS.

Quite a bit of stuff. Albums from African Cave Recordings from the Lunar Surface, Deathbed, Dødkvlt and Tamerlan, EP-releases from Aspectee and Armia Krajova, and a demo from Kaktus.

Three new reviews. A full-lenght from Plastic Gods, an EP-lenght re-release from S.P.I.T.E. and a split between Armagedom and Bombenalarm.

Distortion. An EP from A-(luokan)naali, a full-lenght from Bring Me the Head of Orion and a collaboration between Manica and Necrosadik.

Three new reviews. EP's from Maho Neitsyt and Snuff, and a pacifist punk-compilation.

Six new reviews. A-(luokan)naali / Occult Overdrive and Paskahalvaus / Ydinmätä -splits, Hiljaisuus... and Grind/11 -EP's from Cut to Fit and demos from Juha Jyrkäs and Raster Density.

Doom, Crust and Sludge this time. Full-lenghts from Caskets Open and Deadsunrise, and a full-lenght EP from UFO Gestapo.

Five new reviews. Experimental electronic music from 1234567890 and Spreaders, and black metal from Temple of the Maggot, Teitan and Smoke. Also a new interview, this time with Tainted Corrosive Mist.

New reviews. A crossover-album from Fearless Iranians From Hell, and two demos of black metal from Obscüro and The Final Twilight.

We have a new, noise-focused writer, N.K. Five new reviews. Albums from M! and Mister Vapor, EP's from Häive and The Fridgerators, and a demo from Mucophiliac Narcolepsy. We also interviewed Liskot, results of which can be seen here.

Black Metal represented by a split between Barathrum and Epäkristus, some cybergrind and noise by RxAxPxE / Cock-Gun Blast -split and hardcore/noisecore by Kuolema.

Two full-lenghts and a massive compilation reviewed this time. Rather odd punk by Liskot, epic melodic death metal by Whispered and a sludge/doom-compilation The Stranglers.

Doom comes in many forms. New reviews: The LP re-release of Reverend Bizarre's debut album, a demo by Surtr and an evening of doom and sludge reported by our newest member "Lazy Bastardo". Also, some power electronics: Snuff's live tape.

Three rather interesting albums reviewed from the artists Bird from the Abyss, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto and Sutra. The second gig report was also written: Nicole & Medeia w/ Akma.

Some demos this time: Huoripukki, The Kenitals and Tuhkaus. Also, a gig report: Church of Misery w/ Fleshpress.

We have a new writer, P. Solmio. New reviews: An album by Octopus Syng, EP's by Black Priest of Satan, Kuolema, Loinen and Sotatila, and an infinitely lasting compilation RRR-1000.

A day late, a dollar short. Reviews of Akoustik Timbre Frekuency's full-lenght from '09, Ulv's third release and Red Carpet Noise-compilation

Three recycled tapes for your education and entertainment: Prurient, Black Leather Jesus and Grunt.

Punk rock drone: Liquid Sisters' and Black Totem's debut EP's, and a full-lenght from Crepuscular.

In distortion we trust. Reviews of Nausea's live bootleg and two splits: Stumm / Taunt and Black Sister / Unholy Grave.

New reviews: Bird from the Abyss's EP, The Decapitated Midgets's third album, and Voodoo Pharmacology's full-lenght. Also, an interview with Horros, a crust/thrash-band.

New reviews: IC Rex's debut album, Hoath's second offering and Pentagram from '87.

Updates... from the past? Ajattara, Black Funeral and Hiatus / Embittered-split.

Some updates. Reviews of Gourva / Goat Tunnel-split, Necrosadik's full-lenght, and EP's by The Decapitated Midgets and Verhext. Also, interviews with Mindration and Necrosadik

New reviews: Anal Blasphemy / Pure Evil -split, Corrupted, and Black Funeral.

New reviews: EP/singles of Kwalijk, 21 Gramms, and Bring Me the Head of Orion, demos of Arroyo and Horros, and Zebulon Kosted's full-lenght.

Cheerful new year. Reviews: Pause, Orphan, and Ajattara's newest album and compilation. Also, an interview with Streaks Records.

Updates: Arkha Sva / Woods of Infinity, Azaghal / Tunrida, and Tolshock.

A small update: A review and an interview with Terska.

Old Doom, New Doom: Count Raven and Opium Warlords,

New reviews: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Dios Hastío, Relication, S.D.D. and Horros.

Black: Raate and Sixx.

We've reached 100 reviews. New ones: Bestial Earthhammer, Death with a Dagger, and Saturnian Mist.

Updates: Celtic Frost, Profanatica, and The Whorehouse Massacre.

Updates: XUL, Wreck of the Hesperus, Profanatica-DVD, and Extinction Algorithm.

Back on schedule: Gravsahl, Overbreath, and Reverend Bizarre.

Just two reviews: Darkthrone and New Aeon Symbols V : The Pentagram-compilation.

Five new reviews: Nyarlathotep, Saturn Form Essence, Mister Vapor, Grief, and Eyehategod. Also, info-page was updated and some DBL-banners were added to the links-page.

Reviews: Kristus Kut, Black Priest of Satan, Modar, Gourva, SAAC.

Reviews: Kohtuus, Zoomonk, and Moss. Also, a banner was added to the links-section.

Reviews of Viginti Tres Saecula, Tainted Corrosive Mist, M! / Tainted Corrosive Mist, and an interview with Zebulon Kosted.

Reviews: Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, Anal Blasphemy / Bloodhammer, Musta Kappeli, Vanhelga, Modar and Temples.

Something different: Phalanx feat. The White Rabbit, Sauhu, The Mist Toggles and Zoomonk.

Mostly Black Metal this time: Anal Blasphemy, Crudity and Sidus Tenebrarum, with noisecore represented by Rectal Machete / Finger Death Party.

Bunch of reviews: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Blood of Beherith, KRV, Sunmoon, Mindration and Tainted Corrosive Mist.

Reviews of Neglektum, Ulv, Förgjord / Musta Kappeli, Reverend Bizarre / Mr. Velcro Fastener and Protesti, and an interview with Baxter Stockman added.

Reviews: Grim Sköll and John Wiese.

Reviews: The Decapitated Midgets and Death Shroud.

Reviews: Baxter Stockman and Hellhammer. Also an interview with Apples of Idun.

Reviews: Anal Barbara, Ydinmätä, VON, Apples of Idun and On Horns Impaled.

Reviews: Astral Sleep and Elderhead.

New reviews: Spektre, Corpse Molester Cult, Huoripukki, Wreck of the Hesperus/De Novissimis -split, and an interview with Lähdön Aika.

The site's appearance has gone through some changes. Also a new deranged soul, George, has joined our ranks.
New reviews: Acheronian Dirge, Arkhon Infaustus, Crimson Moon, Hellish Crossfire, and The Bottle Doom Lazy Band.

Some black metal reviews: Bone Awl and Aegrus.

Reviews of Cavus, Serpent Ascending and Inquisition added.
Add to that an interview with The Decapitated Midgets.

Reviews of Brutopia/Lähdön Aika - split, Black Funeral and Alghazanth added.
Also an interview with Cavus added.

Reviews of Cut to Fit and The Decapitated Midgets added.

An interview with GAF and a review of their debut added.

An interview with Wracked added to the articles.

Two new reviews: Wracked and Dead Reptile Shrine.

An interview with Temple of the Maggot added.

Geocities will supposedly cease to exist later this year. We'll try to get our site a new home before it happens.

Two new stories added.

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