When me and my sidekick arrived at Kuudes Linja it was already packed full. The gig had been sold out. Luckily we had purchased the tickets many weeks in advance. A sweet but sour odour floated from around the corner. This was going to be a good night.

Fleshpress’ line-up had been reduced to a trio. Last time I saw them live they were still a five-piece band. However this change hadn’t affected their heaviness a bit. Their set was a strange medley of pieces of songs from Pillars album mixed with some completely new material. Marko was handling the vocals with great intensity. It wasn’t really a surprise because his screaming has been convincing in the past for example on Pain Nail records.

There were some nice tempo changes from torturous sludge doom to blasting blackened psychedelia and also a longer peaceful piece that grew harsher towards the end. The band played together very well and proved once again that they certainly belong to the world’s sludge elite. Their set was pretty short and left a hunger for more.

Without almost any delay Church of Misery climbed to the stage and started to play their excellent Black Sabbath-influenced doom rock. Doom metal and stoner rock have become a bit fashionable lately but there was nothing trendy or stylish about CoM. It was all about great riffing and intense performance. Just like a call from the past ages of rough rock’n’roll but at the same time sounded unbelievably fresh. I didn’t even spot many hipsters in the crowd but loads of faces that have become familiar from this type of gigs during the years.

Japanese doom heads put up a top quality show enforced with their Australian guitarist Tom Sutton. The whole performance was enthusiastic and sincere. String-instruments created a warm heavy soundscape. The vocals were pleasantly raw. Singer Yoshiaki also conjured some tasty psychedelic bubbling and buzzing sounds from his analogue synth.

CoM played about an hour and left the audience screaming for an encore that they never played. A move that fits to their style, in my opinion.