Spending Easter Sunday in Hyvinkää sound like shit but three bands @ Bar Zoom makes it a lot better. Throat, Temples and Hebosagil are playing.

Djs started playing their stuff at nine and 90 minutes later Throat started their gig. I had only heard 2 songs from their webpage a few days earlier and their live set was a lot better than I expected. The music sounded like a mix between Helmet and early Soundgarden, and Jukka´s vocals sounded somehow very evil and pissed off. Very intense. Check them out when they hit your town!

Next up was Temples, slow doom, too slow for me maybe or I just didn´t get it. They had some good riffs but this wasn´t my thing.

I was pretty excited to see Hebosagil cause I had always missed them when they have played in the south. And their gig was everything I expected and nice dance moves from the singer. Hebosagil played stuff from all their records and maybe some new stuff cause I didn´t recognize all the songs or maybe I´m just stupid. The audience liked them a lot and there was some stagediving performed by Jukka from Throat. Hebosagil could have played a few more songs but still nothing to complain, great gig!