Children Of Doom

It's a warm and autumnal thursday evening in Pispala, Tampere, where a small group of metalheads have gathered to see the french Doom Metal band Children Of Doom and the Finnish oldschool Heavy Metal group Gobra.

The opening trio COD takes the audience straight to the 70s through their distorted wah-wah guitaring. The songs are slow and the music is based on the lower tunes, as usual with traditional doom metal, but it soon comes clear that the band can play faster as well. The vocals leave no room for complaints either, with their sound bringing to mind bands such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. The Frenchmen also had a bottle of wine with them, of which they gave some to the audience as well... All in all, COD is a great nostalgia-trip and demonstrates well that the art of making quality oldschool doom metal is doing fine in the 2000s as well.

Next on the stage is a band with a long road behind them: the Finnish heavy metal -group Gobra, and their brisk 80s-heavy metal takes over the whole small audience. The songs are mostly mid-tempo ones, and have a good amount of solos that the guitarists handled commendably. Especially the young guitarist Maze displayed special talent. The music was delivered through the traditional heavy metal -sound, which was pleasingly clear as well. It's notable that the band truly seemed to enjoy their time on the stage, and it could be seen that they have a good amount of experience. The clean vocals sounded good, even though we didn't get to hear any higher screams. As a summary it can be said that Gobra hasn't gotten old, and that their music has still got the true power and feeling.