I went to see the sixth "Bonded by Metal"-event at Dog's Home, Tampere. It's located right beside the well-known gig-place Pakkahuone. There was a good amount of people present, and the atmosphere was great. As a gig venue, Dog's Home is "just" a pub with a small live stage, but it's a pretty sympathetic place anyway.

First on the stage is the Hellspirit from Kuopio. They play "morbid metal," which can be translated to black/thrash metal. Their music starts off briskly, and the first thing I notice is the really pleasing vocal work. The songs are pretty straight-forward without any unnecessary gimmicks. There was even some blastbeat, but only a little of it. Corpsepaints, an evil feeling, and shredding instrumentation - it was all there, but the songs seemed to follow the same pattern a bit, and it felt like the band wanted to play it safe. I would've liked the songs to have a bit more variation, but nonetheless it sure was a good performance to mosh to.

The evening's second and last performer Evil-Ln offers a setful of 80s-influences Heavy Metal. Right off during the first song I notice that I'm stamping my foot and shaking my fist in the air - the music truly does its job! The musicians don't seem nervous at all and play their instruments really well. The songs have got balls and a a good amount of variation in their structures. The singer pleases the ear as well, and we also got to hear Jori from Cast Iron as a quest star. We're not talking about an original-sounding band here, their influences can be heard through the music - but when it all works this well anyway, I wouldn't go give them any advice.