The cold and dark winter goes by a lot more pleasingly if you spend a portion of it in a cozy pub while listening to aggressive music. This one gig was supposed to feature the bands Katekismus and Petturin Palkka, too, but due to some unfortunate events they had to cancel, and no filling acts were found with the mere day's notice. The cancellation manifested itself through the smallish amount of people showing up, but the place was still far from empty and the people present seemed to enjoy their time. I had witnessed both Tuhkaus and Noituus live at the Hässäkkäpäivät-festival, so I knew I was up for a quality performance.

Tuhkaus kicked the evening into motion at eleven p.m. The quintet, formed by some members of Brutopia and the vocalist of Noituus, plays music that lies somewhere between hardcore and fast crust punk with some d-beat-influences and lively guitar solos. The band sounded a lot better live at Hässäkkäpäivät than they did on their debut demo, and now they sounded even better than they did back then. Their music had found more groovy vibe, and the older songs had gained more personality; for example the song "Jos BB-talo Räjähtää" had really powerful and catchy rhytmics that surpass the song's recorded version in every way. The gig featured a handful of wholly new songs that showed that the group has indeed gone forward; these songs sounded really appealing right on the first listen, and they had more character and distinct hooks in them that separate them from the other tracks. As an example, there was at least one pure d-beat song which sticked out in a good way. I can only say that the group's performance left me hungry for their next release.

Tuhkaus got a good reception from the audience after they had warmed up for a while, but its follower was clearly the more expected band. Noituus is currently celebrating their fifth anniversary, and it must've been one of the reasons behind the band's seemingly good drive. As opposed to their "Noituus with all spices"-gig at Hässäkkäpäivät, this time I got to witness the band in it's basic trio-form. The bass guitar had a noisy, damp and droning sound, the cymbal-heavy drumming added the hasty pulse and the higher frequencies, and the vocalist Veikki finished the soundscape with his truly raw screaming. The songs were around a minute in lenght, style-wise somewhere between lo-fi crust punk and noisecore. The music was aggressive, chaotic, hostile, and very "back to basics" when it comes to crust punk and noisy music in general - in other words, it was a perfect Noituus-experience, especially so when noting the vocalist's threatening stage presence. The crudeness was overwhelming, but only in a good way. No mercy was given, and the evening left me very satisfied.