Tragedy is one the "biggest" hardcore/crust bands in the world for the last ten years or so. Last time I saw them live was about 8 or 9 years ago so I had to buy a ticket. Luckily I bought the ticket right away 'cause the tickets sold out on the first day. 200 tickets.

The opening band was a band called Ydinperhe from Helsinki. Fast hardcore/punk with Finnish lyrics. Many seemed to like this band. It was ok but not really my type of stuff. And the singer's speeches between the songs were kind of stupid.

Tragedy hit the stage about 10.30 pm and played for about 45 minutes. The set could have been longer 'cause I don't think they have written a crappy song yet. There was at least one new song (maybe even more?) in the set. No speeches between the songs, Tragedy's music speaks for itself. The bar was full and it was hard to breathe. Aggressive and politically charged hardcore/crust. If you don't know this band you should check it out by now.