I travelled from Tampere to Helsinki to witness Canada's legendary heavy metal hero Thor, and my expectations for his gig were really high.

We got the chance to watch the brand new "Thor - Rock Opera" on silver screen before the gig. It was composed of both old an new material. I won't go into it in detail, but it has a bunch of bad guys and a muscle hero who beats 'em up while the crowd cheers for the mighty Thor. The movie was highly entertaining in all its epicness and gave a good laugh right in the evening's start.

The Thor sales selection was really comprehensive, and held items from DVDs and CDs to comics and t-shirts. The products met their demand, and even I grabbed a DVD to bring home.

The gig itself begun energetically with the band playing Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song," with vocals by the guitarist. Jon Mikl Thor himself finally came on stage too, accompanied by some girls even. The crowd shooked and banged their fists and santg along when the heavy metal show really started. Thor's stage show included a lot of garments, masks, helmets and what-not, and the props changed between almost every song.

We got to hear songs spanning from his oldest ones all the way to the newest releases. Just to mention a few, we got to hear Let the Blood Run Red, Keep The Dogs Away, Thunder on the Tundra, and of course Anger, which really got the audience going crazy. The band played well and the sounds were as they should be. There was just one guitarist and I think having one more wouldn't have hurted, but why complain when the songs rolled forward as well as they did.

In addition to the actual songs, we got to see the show-elements Thor is known for: for example, bending iron poles using one's teeth, and a battle against an evil guy which Thor of course handled with style while the crowd kept on cheering their hero. The gig ended to community singing of the song "Warriors of the Universe."

My expectations were high, as mentioned earlier, but the gig met all my expectations. An unbelievable heavy metal show with iron-bending and theatre. This couldn't left anyone cold. This one gig made me an even bigger Thor-fan!