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Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2011

Already the 14th Tuska Festival is over. This was first Tuska Festival in Suvilahti after many years in Kaisaniemi. Moving Tuska Festival in this new area got very much negative feedback, mostly because of new alcohol restrictions. This time people weren't able to bring their own drinks which was allowed before. But music is the most important? Isn't it? This is my little overview of this year's Tuska Festival. It's mostly positive stuff. So you don't find stories here about gigs from Epica, Blind Guardian or shit like that. FUCK THAT AND FUCK YOU, and if you're intested about that then go listen yo that crap in the closet, Fucking hippies!


On friday I first headed to the new clubstage which was built in an old factory / warehouse. Well I dunno if it was and old factory but it seemed so. Cause for Effect opened this new stage. I heard this so called "fusion-grind" band first time live. This duo has only drums and bass (well certainly bassist growls very low, no need for fucking emo-choruses!). So they sound pretty unique, this is something to experience in live. If you haven't heard them before and you're interested to hear something unique and bizarre, check out Cause for Effect!

Next was finnish grindcore act Tinner. They put on a very aggressive gig. This very much Pig Destroyer sounding act played a pretty short show. About 20-25 min. Well they were aggressive as hell so I shouldn't demand more I guess? Everything good ends so quickly.

Next I moved in to check out stoner doom legend Electric Wizard. Of course Electric Wizard sounded great but they really aren't the band for big stages, sunshine and very hot weather (it was a very hot day...). They should be seen in a dirty club or something like that. In my opinion they need the right atmosphere. Well the weather and big stage wasn't their fault, maybe I'm too demanding once again. Still this "sunny" Electic Wizard seemed to work with the other audience.

My last stop on friday was the Finnish Black Metal band Cavus, which released their debut album last year. This kind of raw and filthy Black Metal is rare to see in Tuska Festival. Very good and raw sounding Black Metal without any unnecessary melodies and "Cradle of Filth gay synths". I would like to see a little more of this kind of bands in Tuska Festival.


My first gig on saturday was again in club-stage. Finnish Sludge / Doom Metal band Fleshpress opened the club-stage this day. These guys aren't any newcomers (they have played for over 10 years), but I still didn't know the band beforehand so it was very nice to hear something new. Fleshpress sounded very good, heavy riffs and a pretty hypnotic feeling. Vocals were very raw and loud stuff. So if you're intested to hear heavy sounding doom / sludge, check out these guys. Highly recommendable.

Next was Medeia. Medeia plays pretty modern sounding deathcore / death metal (still they don't sound same as "american pussy emodeathcore" bands). They are nowdays a pretty big name in Finland. Maybe after a couple of years they'll be big abroad as well? Well nevertheless, Medeia gathered maybe the biggest audience in clubstage. At least there was the biggest moshpit of Tuska Festival. Bad thing in this gig was that the mixing was very poor. All I could hear was drums. Medeia sounds very tight in their recordings but this live show was a small disappointment. But still, audience was "on fire". Well, next time I also wanna hear couple of guitar riffs?

Then, again some good grindcore. Feastem blasted a very energetic 30 minutes of killer tunes. These guys have very much potential and they showed it well. Every grindcore lover should check out this guys. No fucking emocore here!

Later in Inferno-stage were Japanese stoner / doom masters Church of Misery. Their psychedelic stoner works very well in live. Damn, vocalist Yoshiaki Negishi was on fire. He really is (in a good way) a rockstar on stage. Luckily this show was in a tent. Like Electric Wizard already showed, Church of Misery maybe won't work so great on a sunny stage. This one hour psychedelic trip was really a great pleasure! After gig the guitarist broke his guitar and threw it in the audience. Some of audience almost got into fight because they wanted guitar pieces so badly.

Japanese Church of Misery once again showed why Tuska Festival brings almost every year one or more bands from Japan to play. Maybe next year I see my favorite bands like Gallhammer or Sex Machineguns?

Rotten Sound once again played in Tuska Festival. This time on the club-stage. Rotten Sound has grown to be one of the biggest names in grindcore. This time Rotten Sound gathered very much crowd, well they have really deserved it. Rotten Sound was aggressive and fast as hell like usual. New tracks with more Punk elements worked very well live. They sounded heavier than ever. Good stuff once again.

On Saturday the last act was Devin Townsend Project on the main-stage. Devin Townsend played two shows in last year's Tuska (one was "special ziltoid show" and the second with Devin Townsend Project). Devin Townsend Project just released two new albums so I guess that is the reason to play again in Tuska. They played almost the same tracklist as last year, so the only big difference was Anneke van Giersbergen in guest vocals. Anneke was on vocals in Project's album "Addiced!" so of course they played many tracks from this album. Anneke sounded great with Devin Townsend Project, but still I would've wanted to hear different stuff than last year. Well they played couple of tracks from new "Deconstruction" album but that wasn't enough for me. Still it was good show without any speical suprises. Last but not least, Anneke looked great in her tiny black dress...


Kvelertak from Norway opened EMP-stage in a very sunny weather. It was hotter than hell or something like that (too much for me at least. "Fuck the Sun!" like Abbath says...). This pretty young band played almost every track from their great debut album "Kvelertak". Kvelertak's blackened punk (or what should this be called...) was great to listen because of very good mixing. Three guitars and everything sounded very clear. Kvelertak could be a really big name in a couple of years and I really hope they have a long future.

Finnish GAF was my last band in the club-stage. Again some Finnish grindcore. GAF had a lot of Napalm Death and Carcass in their sound which isn't really a bad thing. Still I liked Feastem and Tinner's gigs a little more. GAF wasn't bad though. Maybe they sound a little better on their recordings?

This year my last band to be seen was Misery Index from United States in inferno-stage. I somehow missed their last Tuska-show in 2007. This show was something I really wanted to see, mainly because of their latest "Heirs to Thievery" album which is great. Misery Index played their turbofast death metal / grindcore in very good way. Using two vocalists is a good way to bring a little variation to their sound. Like on Misery Index's recordings their drummer Adam Jarvis plays very tightly and fast as machinegun. It was already the third festival day but "Moshpit people aka hardcore dancers" still managed to rampage. Yeah, good moves there! Go into fucking ballet or zumba!

Like it or not, these were my thoughts about the 14th Tuska Festival. I don't thank you for reading this. If you don't like this, go listen to some Blind Guardian!