In both real estate properties and gig reports the most important part is the location, location, location. This time the location was a dance hall called Lutakko. Lutakko is situated on "the wrong side of the train tracks" about two kilometers from the central part of Jyväskylä. Surrounding areas were under construction, with only the dance hall standing tall and menacing in the epicenter of all the rubble.

Despite the "hallowed factory" feeling the place had on the outside, in the inside it was rather cozy with dim lighting and rockish art. There were lots of traditional-looking wooden tables and chairs, and only a few people to sit on them. Me and my parté grabbed some drinks and began the wait for Sydän, Sydän, sitting just next to the stage.

At 22:30, the supposed starting time of the band, people began to slowly shift towards the stage, and the medium-sized hall center began to fill. There was still plenty of space for people to wander into the bathrooms or to get more drinks, so the use of space overall was very pleasing.

At about 22:40 Sydän, Sydän started their set with a bang with the opening track of their album Usko Itseesi, Keskusta. Keskusta is in a way a perfect partystarter with upbeat tempo, and it was interesting to hear it played on "real" instruments whereas the album version is electronic. The crowd found it extremely pleasing, and sure enough, it got me really excited.

After this, they played a couple of new, before unheard songs. Grand total of six new songs were played, and the gig was effectively divided into two with the first half playing new songs and the second half their older songs. The first half had two of the older songs, Keskusta and Tutti Frutti, seemingly to increase the tempo in between the more "mature" and "controlled" newer songs.

Some of the new songs hit me really hard, and made me think that one or two of those might be my next favourite song by the band, when heard from the album. The others, well, they sounded like they require some levels of immersion rather hard to achieve in a live-gig setting. The crowd seemed to think similar, though it is rather hard to dance or mosh or shout when the music is calmer and more sensitive in their lyrical properties.

The second half started with & Ruokaa, one of my personal favourites because of the melancholic mood especially in the chorus. After the required moody moments they upped the game with style, I mean, serious Kukko style. The crowd went absolutely crazy, with Kukko being EASILY their most live-friendly and most powerful song.

They finished the gig with a couple of songs from the acoustic album Auto, and they sounded equally interesting, hard and powerful as the rest played with elecric instruments. As their encore, we got to hear Suu Kiinni with the metal-cockiness upped by about 300 %, and some really weird mosh-mosh-mosh-medley where they whacked their instruments just to get people moving. Or was it a song? I don't even know.

Overall, the gig was a tremendous success, and I enjoyed the "sneak-peek" at the new album, which I am definitely going to get.