This time I decided to see a gig sober. At least I'd be saved from a terrible hangover. I was having a smoke outside Dog's Home and noticed that at this point the evening was still pretty quiet. I went inside, ordered a non-alcoholic beer, and at the same time the evening's first band Witchtiger was already starting to play. Authentic oldschool heavy metal with a pinch of doom metal. Not a half bad combination. The band seemed relaxed on the stage and impressed me, and what especially impressed me was the vocalist's pants with leopard prints. The bouncing bass guitar fit the music like a glove. I think the band should consider getting a second guitarist, as it would surely bring more depth to their sound. In my opinion, the best song was the doomy "Into the Veil Of Darkness."

The next band quickly followed, I barely had time to have a smoke. There was quite an increase in the amount of audience before Evil-Ln got on stage. Evil-Ln, a band I'm quite familiar with, took over the stage and. It was interesting to see the new female vocalist in action, as when I last time saw them live the microphone got spat on by a person of the other gender. She sounded good, although I was surprised by her narrow vocal range, as she didn't sing higher notes at any point. Even so, I think the band chose a good vocalist. The band seems to play even better than when I last saw them, and it's easy to see that they've spent a lot of time at their rehearsal place. The players seem to handle technical playing well, and their relaxed act was exemplary. There's not too much of powerfully played true heavy metal in the world, so I believe that this band will be making high-class releases.

The evening was crowned by the Swedish band Helvetets Port, which plays oldschool heavy metal as well. I was excited to see how the Swedes would handle their job, and wasn't really able to complain about this band either. The band radiated stunning stage charisma created a lot of movement and a good feel in the otherwise rather calm audience. This band also showed that they know their songs by heart, and there was no hesitation or fumbling to be seen. Helvetets Port played all their greatest songs, and at least I almost went crazy when they played "Lightning Rod Avenger." The band did a good job in all aspects, although I would've wished for more effort and vibrancy from the singing of the guitarist-vocalist.