The Music Of Erich Zann
Electric Wheelchair

On a freezing Wednesday evening I took on the suicide mission to march through our fair city to check out the setting of Club Liberte.
To point out my lack of culture, this was my first ever visit to the said club and also all of the bands were unknown to me. I was in for an adventure.

Electric Wheelchair:
The basic punk trio lineup was showcasing a rather generic take on punk. At least to my untrained ears the music sounded fairly dull. The drive was good and the band was well prepared.
The band had some shining moments throughout their set but a real nuisance for me was the vocal style. What I see as late 70's style UK punk vocals is not my cup of tea and partly ruined the experience.
For comic relief the guitarist/vocalist kept tuning his guitar in between every song, how punk is that?
Kudos go out to the bass player who posed like a pro with his very un-punk like bass. At least the strap was long enough. Image really IS everything.

The Music Of Erich Zann:
The Music of Erich Zann was the prog-band of the evening, but the music was way more straight forward than anticipated. All songs were very much guitar/bass driven and the synths were left to play supporting role.
The music was filled with small tricks and gimmicks that gave the songs personality, but something was still missing. During the first songs there was trouble distinguishing parts of the vocals, but the music was decent and later on either the vocalist or the sound engineer got his act together.
The boys had a good drive and seemed to enjoy being on stage.
For me personally the high points were occasional jamming and experimenting in between songs.
Again kudos to the bass-player, this time for the beard.

Bullet Control:
The main event was the first ever gig of Helsinki based Bullet Control.
You really couldn't distinguish that it was the bands first gig as all musicians seemed to have a good routine for the songs which were fairly diverse.
The band kept up the energy throughout the set and the best part were the songs with a more progressive, or experimental, touch.
The vocalist utilized an wide array of styles from clean song to screaming and grunting and there was even an "rap" section in one song. The rap part specially was fucking hilarious!
...and because I've done this with the other bands I again give kudos to the bass-player: excellent lounge-like bass fills.

Even though the three bands of the evening were very different they shared an immense energy while performing to the half empty hall for friends and girlfriends. All performers seemed at home on stage and gave it their best.
The positive energy of these shows was the absolute highpoint during this evening of unknown bands and really gets my hopes up that Finland may also in the future have brilliant performers.

Photos: Kenneth K.