I noticed on the internet that a couple of experimental projects will be performing at Telakka, Tampere, and I was immediately interested. It was my first time visiting Telakka, so it was fun to see what kind of a place it's like. My first impression was that the it feels really cozy. The place was lit with small mood lights, and had a somewhat expensive price level. There was a possibility to buy Fonal Records' products, an opportunity which I took and bought a couple LPs. A nice amount of people showed up at the venue, noting that it was thursday and the performing bands marginal ones.

The experimental psyche/noise-band Tuusannuuskat opened the gig. The duo is a joint project of Sami Sänpäkkilä (Es) and Jan Anderzén (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ystävät). I had listened online to a few songs of theirs and was expecting to hear Tomutonttu-like experimental ruckus, but live the band got to surprise me. First off, the music had a rhythm provided by drum loops. I'd say the music wasn't as confrontational as on their records, they rather created really pleasing effect- and loop-produced psychedelic atmospheres. And, of course, t was great to see masters at work. The duo handled their equipment well, and no signs of insecurity were to be seen.

I would've wanted the band to deliver some harsher drone/noise as well, and I think the gig was too short. Half an hour wasn't quite enough to fully embrace the moods and atmospheres. The band's performance was all successful, so I would've gladly listened to it for a longer time. I was left hungry...

The one-woman solo project Grouper was the next to take over the stage. Honestly I hadn't gotten acquainted with Grouper at all, uside of a few youtube-clips. However, I did know that her music is very sorrowful ambient, seasoned with various influences from experimental music. The gig proved that I was correct as the music indeed was ambient, and rather misty type of it. Without rushing, Grouper begun creating the ambience with her own minimalistic touch, and the audience got into it. At least as for me, the band's humming music worked like a charm. My thoughts started wandering to all different spaces. The minimalism really surprised me, and the same can be said of the set not consisting of different tracks, but moreso being a singular entirety.

I must say the same to this project as I did to Tuusannuuskat; very skilled and (in a good way) restrained use of effects. Luckily Grouper, as the evening's headliner, had plenty of time to perform, so the artist had what she needed to enshroud Telakka with a misty atmosphere. Grouper's music left with a good feeling.

As a summary; the evening was a success, and Telakka's atmosphere fit the event's character well. Both the bands played experimental music, but still differed a lot from each other. Special thanks need to be given for the good sounds. The music wasn't played too loud so there was no need for ear plugs, and it sounded really good overall. I hope Tampere will see more gig like this!