Interesting gig-report considering I saw it by accident! I was just frolicing through the streets of Kotka and happened to land myself in an event called "Kaupunki haltuun" or, loosely translated, "seizing the city." The event was apparently orchestrated by the political group Vasemmistoliitto (or Left Alliance in english) and showcased live arts in the form of a several bands and walls people could do graffiti on.

I happened to stumble on the event just as Puukotus was starting to perform. Having no previous information or contact with the band, in any form, I didn't know what to expect. First thing to notice was the lack of any guitars. It was vocals/bass/drums only. And it did sound pretty nice! There weren't many people, and the ones that were there, mainly stayed by the graffiti walls, or simply just walked by, but that didn't really slow the band down. The two members were quite cheerful and seemed like good chaps to have a couple of cold ones with.

They played something like 10 or so songs, each lasting from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes, in a typical HC-punk fashion. It was a pretty cool blend too, the bass didn't eat the sound of the drums, and the drums complimented the bass really well. I even occasionally heard some real words amongst the screaming!

I was very happy to see this band, and realize it exists.