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Metalcamp 2012

I arrived Tolmin in Sunday, a day before the festival officially started. I used the first evening by exploring the area and drinking cheap drinks at the camping site's bar. The beer was a little bit too cheap but somehow I managed to find myself into the bed.

Monday 6.8.

I woke up on Monday with a slight headache. The temperature outside didn't help the feeling too much. I guess the it was over 30 C. The day started pretty slowly but after doing some shopping I managed to get back to the festival area. I used the midday by the river and drank some cooled drinks.

Later on I saw my first band on the festival which was Napalm Death. They did an average gig. There wasn't anything new in the show (except a couple of new songs from the new album) and was in a way kind of boring.

The next band after Napalm Death was Testament which I had awaited pretty much. Testament had just released their new album 'Dark Roots of Earth'. I was able to listen the album maybe once before the festival. Of course I couldn't remember much of it. Testament did a good gig which included old hits and of course songs from the new album. Especially the new album's single 'Native Blood' is a great live song. Yesterday's partying started to pay its bills after the show and I decided to go to sleep already after two bands.

Tuesday 7.8.

Tuesday seemed to be the most hasty day. I had checked before the festival which bands should I watch. I wanted to support the unknown bands with my presence but as always I used my time on everything else than watching the bands.

Tuesday's first band I managed to check was Finntroll. They did a pretty good show. I haven't listened to the band for years and I never liked Vreth's singing but I have to say that now he sounded extremely good. The audience was nicely in and, like I said, the show was good especially since I haven't seen them live for a while.

Kataklysm was playing right after Finntroll on the main stage. I haven't listened to Kataklysm for years either, but I had heard that it's a great live band and I should check them out. And I have to say that they were much better live than on an album. The audience was crazy and that of course affected the experience. Only minus comes from the drummer. It sounded pretty shit that he couldn't play the double bass smoothly (which is of course understandable when the tempo is billion).

Wednesday 8.8.

Warbringer opened the day for me. They had a rather shit spot to play as a second band on the main stage. That means there wasn't almost anybody watching the gig. I knew the band only by the name but they did their aggressive thrash metal really well. It's a shame I hadn't check them out before the festival but I will fix that thing.

Later on I was exposed to Epica while getting some food. Awful shit.

Eluveitie started after Epica. My expectations weren't too high as I don't consider myself to be a huge folk metal fan. It was a surprise that Eluveitie was much rougher than I would have thought. Their show was enjoyable and they got the audience with them nicely.

After Eluveitie it was time for the whole festival's main act: Korn. My expectations were close to zero. I have never been interested in their music but I wanted to see the band anyway. They are a brilliant live band. Jonathan Davis made the audience go crazy and there was a huge crowd watching. Definitely the biggest audience during the whole festival. Korn played some new Skrillex stuff alongside their old hits which didn't seem to please all people. They also played some Pink Floyd and Metallica covers which provided nice variation.

As the last band for Wednesday I saw Municipal Waste which was shit. I think the band is way too overrated.

Thursday 9.8.

The first band I checked on Thursday was some local band Mephistophelian on the second stage. The music was death metal with a slight technical touch. They played their complex riffs well, but their live show was looking like they were playing their first gig. Sadly there wasn't too many people watching the show.

I have never liked Korpiklaani but I had to check them out because of social pressures. It was kind of a weird show. It looked like they hadn't done any setlist and half of the gig was used for pointless jamming. Well, the people seemed to like it but it didn't made an impact on me.

One of the most awaited bands for me was Hatebreed. I had never seen them live before. They played an energetic gig and the setlist was great. They played many songs from my favorite album 'Supremacy'. Jay Jasta is a great frontman for the band. When he said something, the audience obeyed. Only annoing thing in the show was that almost every time before a breakdown they had to make the audience shout with them.

After Hatebreed I was forced to watch Amon Amarth. The bad was boring and every song sounded the same. Only plus comes from the pyro effects. Luckily I had to watch them for just a couple of songs.

Friday 10.8.

In advance I noticed that Friday would be the shittiest day. The only interesting act would be Sodom. I had heard that Sodom is a boring live band. Also the idea of that Sodom is nowadays playing live only with one guitar didn't really lift up my expectations either. Well, at least the expectations were rather low. They started with the newest album's title song 'In War and Pieces' which actually sounded great. I was afraid that the band's every second song would be in German language but luckily it wasn't so. They did songs from their whole career but I was waiting for 'City of God' which they didn't play. The show was OK, but kind of boring.


I had made a running order for which bands I should check, but I knew already earlier that I wouldn't watch all the bands anyway. But that's how it usually goes in festivals. The festival was well arranged. There wasn't queues for toilets. Food was good and the sizes of the portions were big. The grocery store was near the festival area and price level was low, especially when compared to the Finnish levels. This was the last Metal Camp with that name. Next year it will called Metal Days Festival (they couldn't figure out a better name?). The area is the same but the date will a little bit earlier.

In my opinion the festival was great. If anybody is planning to go to festivals next year, I recommend Metal Days. The area is beautiful and the river at the festival area is a saviour on a hot day.