This was the second installment of the "Musta Torstai" (Black Thursday) event that the punks from Hämeenlinna are throwing together on the first thursday of every month. I missed the first one due to none of your business but this time I was able to attend the show.

I hadn't really had any proper previous contact with either of the bands. I knew that Total Recall played american hardcore influenced punk. Of TAX I knew nothing at all.

The number of people in attendance was something between 30-50, which is pretty much all you can excpect from a small town like Hämeenlinna. The place could fit a lot more people but that didn't bother me. I knew that pretty much everyone who'd turned up really wanted to be there and didn't just wander in.

TAX was the opening band. They played a very melodic and energetic sort of punk. I have to admit that I'm not into that kind of stuff at all and was quite dissapointed in the band. However they played well enough and all of that yada-yada stuff. What did bother me though was the amount of awkward and unfunny jokes and stories told between the songs. People did seem to get into the band though which I guess is the main point.

Total Recall was up next (obviously). I wasn't sure what to expect of them. I knew I'd be able to enjoy this sort of punk music to some extent but I was a bit afraid of them just turning out to be one of those mediocre hardcore bands that don't really move you one way or the other. Total Recall played a blistering set full of chaos and audio shock. Even though Suisto Klubi is not really one of those places where the crowd gets really into the band and start fucking shit up, I still felt like I was at an authentic hardcore gig. The gig ended prematurely due to the bassist mislocating his knee which probably says a lot in itself.

The evening was cut short but not by too long. An ambulance was called and they fixed the guys knee up and he was up and about towards the end of the evening.

I also want to mention that there was a great DJ that night. The records he played weren't so thought out genre-wise or anything but I don't remember hearing one shit song all night. The mood was nice all along.

If you get the chance I definately recommend supporting the Hämeenlinna scene and showing up at one of these shows.