When I noticed that Circle's coming to Tampere, I set my mind on not missing the gig. The last time I witnessed Circle at the Vastavirta-Klubi I started to really admire the band. The band's experimental heavy metal really made an impact on me, and besides that the band has a lot of cool theatrical elements. Anyway, it was great to once again be able to witness one of Finland's best live bands.

Uniavaruuspöllö started the evening. I hadn't heard a note from the band before, so I didn't know what to expect. Based on its name I thought I'd be about to see a grand ambient-performance, but soon I realized that the band's style would be as difficult to pinpoint as Circle's. The band started playing heavy stoner metal a'la Electric Wizard, but soon I noticed that the band's much more versatile than that. The band had mixed psychedelia, black metal and progressive rock into their music, but in my mind its carrying force was the kraut rock-elements. The band performed their two really songs tightly. A bonus point is to be awarded for the vocals, as the singer sung in at least 3-4 different styles and all of them were excellent. A very promising performance from this band that I was previously unaware of.

Then it was time for the evening's crown: Circle. The band, who's especially known for their skillful playing and pleasing stage performances, has earned quite a name for themselves in Finland. The band's style could be described as heavy metal that's been imbued with experimental music, psychedelia, progressive rock and kraut-rock. When the band started playing, it was like witnessing a fireworks display of... bestness. This time around the sounds of Vastavirta were a lot better, too, at least vocals-vice. The band played their music loud and skillfully, and the stage antics were something rarely witnessed as well: theatrical and fun to look at. Especially the vocalist Rättö's antics stage presence was stunning, not to mention his vocal/synth-performance. The rest of the band delivered their best as well.

The gig didn't go without problems this time either, as it seemed that the drummer's pedals broke in the middle of the set. Luckily that problem was soon fixed.

Circle is definitely THE band that everyone needs to see live. Everyone who's witnessed them know what I'm talking about!