The Physicists

This evening presented three very different Finnish bands, none of which I had seen live before.

The Physicists opened up the evening to a small number of attendees, and based on their dumbfounded reception I'm guessing that pretty much none of them had ever heard of the band, yet alone of their debut album, before. Granted, the quartet's industrial metal is quirky, very versatile and at times plain weird, and the group's thematically accurate science-clothing most likely heightened the barrier between the audience and the band. The gig was delivered with the self-certainty these kind of songs need, and I'm sure that the audience got a refreshing experience out of the performance even if they weren't convinced of the band's music itself.

Next up was Iiwanajulma, a band from which I had only heard a couple of songs before. They played some kind of alternative metal that mixes djent-influenced death metal's heaviness and cubistically edgy riffs to nu-metal's bounciness. Some atmospheric but fittingly dark and eerie synths were used as a pleasing add here and there. The band performed with full energy and sounded a lot more convincing than the recorded songs I had heard from 'em before did. The gig was very enjoyable even if the band's brand of metal isn't exactly my thing, but those who enjoy heavy music and flailing around while listening to it might want to check 'em out.

Next up was Kypck, a Finnish band that plays Russia-themed metal - and based on the amount of attendees and the audience's enthusiastic reactions, this was the band that everyone had come to see. As with the opening band The Physicists, Kypck's theme extended to their visual side as well; a machine-gun guitar, barbed wire on the microphone stand, and so on. The music itself is heavy, crunchy, vast and melancholically melodic death/doom metal. The band performed with expertise and got the audience totally with them, which was a pleasure to follow. So, although I wasn't convinced to go and buy the band's albums right away, I got a pleasing experience out of it. Too bad I had to leave early.