I had earlier checked that none of the warmup bands would be interesting so I came just to see Cannibal Corpse. My timing was perfect as Cannibal Corpse was just starting when I arrived to the audience. Cannibal Corpse started their set with Demented Aggression which is the first song for their newest album Torture. That's a great opening track for the show as the song gives such feeling that you want to get crazy and beat up people (I don't recommend that).

Cannibal Corpse has had many great songs (not necessarily whole albums) but I don't consider myself as a hardcore fan of theirs. I'm not a big fan of their more technical stuff. The new album Torture is great album which is pretty straight-forward death metal and I was hoping to hear as many songs from that album as possible.

After the starter song Demented Aggression there came a couple of more songs from the new album just as I wished for. The show was exactly what I thought it would be. There wasn't anything special in the show but worked really well (mainly because of Corpsegrinder's charisma). I had seen Cannibal Corpse last time on Tuska Open Air Metal Festival a couple of years earlier on the main stage. I have to say that CC works way much better in a dark club. The sounds were good except Corpsegrinder's grunting was mixed badly (I could hear only lower-mid frequencies). Cannibal Corpse played many of their classics including of course Hammer Smashed Face. The show lasted for around one hour which is in my opinion a perfect length for a extreme metal band gig. The setlist seemed thoughtful and tight.