Funerary Bell

The first band on the stage was Hellspirit, a band I knew nothing about prior to the gig. The blood-clad men played raw, primal and oldschool type of fierce black metal with a thrashing undercurrent. The music was somewhat simplistic, but really effective and the harsh soundscape with a strong bass-sound gave the songs just the needed amount of punch. It seems that I'll have to look into the band's recorded works (assuming that they have any) at some point.

Next up was Funerary Bell, a band I knew but whose albums I haven't yet purchased. The group performed in black cloaks, except the vocalist had a bright red one and he was wielding a gong. The band's songs varied from surprisingly d-beat-influenced brisk tunes to more traditional black metal, but it all was delivered very convincingly and with great devotion. The vocalist had a wide range in his voice, and the whole band performed in a fashion which left no room for complaints. I was most certainly impressed, and just had to buy their new demo-tape after the gig. Later on I was informed that this was the band's debut gig, a fact I had a hard time believing.

A lot of people say that Funerary Bell is very reminiscent of Mortuary Drape, which I sadly can't comment, but if it's true, I certainly have to get a hold of Mortuary Drape's works as well!

Next up was Saturnian Mist. I know their releases rather well and have seen them play once before, but this gig was very different from the last one. The band had a new drummer and bass player, and played a short interlude between all the songs. The experience was thus a more holistic and continuous one, but at least in my eyes this didn't damage the songs' impact and effect.

It was already quite late when the band begun playing, and it showed in audience attendance (more than one person passed out) - but not in the band's performance. It was both passive and ritualistic, as well as challenging and hostile. The band played some of their oldest tunes as well as a brand new and yet unreleased one, and it all came together nicely. I was not let down, and the yet unreleased song speaks good things of the band's future.