I missed the opening act Nuclear Omnicide as I arrived late to the venue, but Axegressor was just about to start their set when I stepped in. I didn't know the band too well but I did have an idea what kind of stuff they are playing. After getting something to drink I moved to a table where I could see the band playing (I bet this is exactly what every band wants sitting audience). Axegressor did a good job and their material sounded good enough for me to give them a chance at a better time.

The main act for the evening was, naturally, Torture Killer. They had just released their new album Phobia. I got the album early enough to give the CD a couple of spins in my player. It was a slight disappointment compared to my expecations (which might have been set too high) but I don't mean that it's a bad album. The biggest problem is that it has a couple of filler songs on it.

Torture Killer started their set with an instrumental song which actually worked pretty well. Every time I've seen them live earlier they have started with a neck-breaking song like Obsessed With Homicide. The setlist included old songs and around four songs from the new album. The new songs worked really well live and I have to say that the current singer is really good. The setlist was well thought out and it definitely worked well for all the fans. Torture Killer's show has always been minimalistic but it works well with that kind of music. It's always automatic headbanging at their shows.