I got excited upon hearing that the black metal legend Black Crucifixion is finally coming to Tampere. I'd been listening to the band's new killer full-length "Coronation of King Darkness" a lot lately, so my expectations for the evening were high. Deathchain were originally supposed to be the evening's headliner, but unfortunately the band had to cancel... but when I heard that their place will be taken over by the death metal pioneers Convulse, I was bursting with joy. I had heard that the band's now in a good tick, too. So, the stage was to be taken over by two pioneers of their craft!

People were slowly drifting towards the venue, but it soon became clear that this evening wasn't likely to sell out. But yes! Right from the first notes, Convulse demonstrated how death metal is meant to be played. Their tight and fast oldschool death metal with a strong oldschool spirit almost made me feel like I had been taken back to the early '90s. The band's experience was easy to hear, and the sounds were good too so it was easy to enjoy the gig. The band played both old and new material and both ends worked well, but it's no wonder since their old and new material aren't that different from each other. My favourite songs were the merciless "World Without God" and "Incantation of Restoration." Convulse is one of the best death metal bands I've witnessed live and I'd go watch them again anytime.

Next up was the headlining band Black Crucifixion and it seemed like a lot of the already small crowd had vanished. Perhaps BC isn't a big enough band to fill a venue at Tampere, but that didn't manage to tame my high expectations. The band begun playing and they seemed to be in a good tick, but it soon became clear that something's wrong. The bass was really loud and the drums sounded terribly flat, which took my enthusiasm down a lot even though it wasn't really the band's fault.

The band played a lot of good songs that managed to take my attention away from the bad sounds, at least for a while. They focused on their newest full-length, but some choice cuts were heard from their older works as well, even from their very first releases. The newest songs work really well live, and are some of the band's best-quality creations. The band performed well, although some of Forn's vocalization sounded a bit silly.

The gig experience was a little mild this time. I'm not sure if it was more about the bad sounds or the band itself, but I left the venue feeling a bit disappointed. Well, one can't always win, and I bet this gig didn't show Black Crucifixion at their best so I'm still looking forward to seeing an another gig from them. The pioneers' gig's highlight songs were definitely "Hope of Retaliation," "What the Night Birds Sang" and the very hypnotic "Suomi Finland Saatana."