Musta Risti

Buzzing metal at Varjobaari - now that sounded good, especially since Musta Risti would be performing there and I'd been listening to their debut's songs a lot lately. Chest seemed interesting as well, as I think there's never enough of doom/stoner metal, especially not in this region.

Musta Risti opened up the evening. It's a young band influeced by various genres, but their music could shortly be described as doom metal-influenced vintage rock. Among other things, the band's Finnish lyrics separate them from the mass, as we certainly don't have too many bands playing vintage rock with lyrics in our mother language here in Finland.

It soon was obvious that Musta Risti is a live-band - and a band that spits out simple but very effective riffs! Their music is very groovy and mostly brisk-paced, and it made me stomp my foot and nod my head. The band sounded much rougher live than on record, and the guys seemed to enjoy their time on stage. Especilly the vocalist was shaking his rasta-haired head around like it was the last day on earth. His clean voice sounded pleasing, and the lyrics were easy to make out.

The young band Musta Risti played a damn good gig! Also, a big plus for the bassist's awesome moustache!

The evening's closer Chest represented the heavier front with their true stoner/sludge metal. The equally young group took the stage and begun punishing their instruments without mercy. The band played well together, and the songs held enough variation in their riffs and comping, which was well enough to keep up my interest despite being previously unfamiliar with the band. The vocalist wasn't bad, but his shouting started to sound a bit monotonal and numbing towards the set's end. I think their music is very riff-focused and riff-heavy, which made me feel that there could be less vocals overall. The shouting might sound more effective and purposeful if there was less of it.

I also think the band should focus more on their stage show, as their moving around seemed really stiff, and more similar clothes wouldn't hurt either. In the end Chest is an allright band that's plagued by a certain kind of conventionality and perhaps being too loyal to their genre.

The sounds were fine throughout the night, and Varjobaari suits these kind of bands well. Both of 'em were really promising, and I bet we'll be hearing about them in the future. Musta Risti's oldschool music pleased me better, but despite that, both bands need to be thanked for a great evening. So, thanks!