Garden Of Worm

It's friday night and Garden Of Worm, Sammal and Mansion are playing at Vastavirta-klubi. I won't be writing anything about the third band here, because sadly I had to leave the venue before their gig.

The first band of the evening was Garden Of Worm. I had never really gotten acquainted with the band, so it was about time that I did. The band's genre could be described as progressive doom. They started delivering the mournful message of doom metal right away with a fat and thick buzz-sound, and I got to say that it gave cold chills to my traditional doom-worshipping self. The first impression was definitely very positive.

The band has a lot of genius riff- and beat-twists in their songs, which I found to be both their weakness and strength. I couldn't stop myself from thinking that the band could have some barer and more straight-forward material in their set, too... I was left hungering for some groove. The band played all their songs in a continuous set with no breaks, which started to feel like a bit too much at once towards the set's end. The songs do have a feel of a smoky UG-club, though. The band's stage presence was good, too, so overall I felt positive about their gig.

Sammal was up next. The band plays progressive rock that bows towards the genre's Finnish representatives from the '70s. The atmosphere was amazing right from the start, and the venue was almost full of people. I'm not amazed by people being so into Sammal, though, as they're a really good live-band and their songs are immensely versatile. The band has picked the best bits and pieces from a lot of genres like schlager, heavy metal and progressive rock. The crowd was very pleased, and the band seemed to enjoy their time on stage. The band's set included some songs from their upcoming EP, which sounded very good and sturdy... but so did the songs from their earlier full-length, so picking the best song from the set would be very difficult. However, I've got to mention the last song "Kylmää Usvaa" as it was really touching and almost brought a tear to this man's eye.

All in all the gig was excellent despite the problems with microphone feedback, as one can't really avoid those forever. I would recommend the band to consider a more unified style of their stage clothes, but on the other hand things like that don't really matter in prog... Anyway, it was an ex excellent gig!