UFO Gestapo comes from France and plays sludge about a theory that Hitler was in conspiracy with aliens. Although the band takes heavy influence from old B-grade explotation movies and has humour in their music, the album doesn't come off as a premature joke. Production -wise the album is perfect.The sound is very raw and organic but still clear. The music contains lots of guitar effects and other sound effects, and surprisingly it doesn't sound like 9th grade music class where kids go "What does this knob do?"

The music is very slow and menacing, and the screams of the vocalist enhance the dark and disturbing mood of the album. If you would be under hallucinogenicdrugs while listening to this, you probably would check every 5 minutes outside your window for flying saucers, and you probably would see them too.The A - side (picture of a soldier with a naked chick) is slower and more experimental. With more experimental I mean almost constant guitar effects and very little vocals. This, however, doesn't bother at all, and only enhances the mood. B-side (picture of a sleeping[?] guy) is more punk and "traditional", and while still being slow, there are some faster parts here. Also the vocalist is more on display. Vocals have a lots of effects on them and, given the theme of the album, I would say that they sound like an alien being tortured. Riffs are mostly on 3 chords and technicality isn't the big part of the album. Drums give the music a good backbone but don't do much else. Also, on this album the lack of any solos is actually a good thing.

There are few minor complaints about this release, although they are not really music -related. For one, the cover art looks pretty bland and shoddily done (although the naked chicks kinda make that up). Also I cannot get my mind over why bands won't put markers for A- and B-sides on albums. This one misses them on the covers as well as on the center of the vinyl. Also, the album feels too short, especially the A-side. The pink vinyl looks very good though.

Recommended for fans of sludge who can take their music with sense of humour. Those who look for another Grief-esque angst fest should avoid this, though.

9 / 10