Reversion was formed in 2004 and after a couple of demos they now present their debut album. Sadly, I haven't heard any of their demos, but all songs from at least their two previous demos are on this album as newer versions. The name of the game is progressive metal, which in this case means mixing some basic metal elements, such as shredding, raw vocals and aggression with some 70's progressive rock elements, such as wild guitar work, innovative and varied drummming, surprising twists in song writing and even some (occasionally) 70's-sounding synths.

The album's sounds are well thought out, except the bass is often too foggy for my liking. Otherwise everything seems to be in balance, the sounds are clear enough for the progressive elements to sound good, but still possessing heaviness. The vocals are not on top in the mix, as they work more as an instrument than as the main thing. A good choice.

The album concists of 8 songs between 5 and 9 minutes, and the album is almost 55 minutes long. This is due to progressive-style song writing; there are "wild" solo-parts, many surprising turns in song progression etc. Still, the songs dont get messy or break apart because of the progressive elements, because the songs have been skillflly put together so that it wouldn't happen. Some sad/calm parts (like the beginning of "Event Horizon") sound a bit bare after all the twists in the songs, but the calm parts also work as a good pause so that concentrating to the music doesn't become boring and energy-consuming. This also makes it clear that this album isn't some mindless instrument pornography.

The vocals are mostly clean, but sometimes even quite raw and scream-like - still remaining audible in all parts. Because the vocals have enough attitude and rawness in them, the singer really sounds like a man instead of a little girl. Listening to him doesn't make one feel awkward, as sometimes is the case. The singer uses varying vocals, so all atmospheres are covered. As I see the vocals to be just one instrument among others on this album, I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. One can hear the moods in the music so clearly that I didn't see lyrics necessary.

Synths are there to create some atmospheric ambience in the background, and to occasionally serve as an additional rhythm or melody. They fit in really well with the other instruments and have just the right amount of space to operate. All in all, a good choice that occasionally provides some nice hooks. A bit of 70's progressive rock elements are occasionally present here, too.

The guitar work owes a lot to progressive rock, it's really wild in a way. There's also some shredding and more simple parts that owe more to metal music. The solos and riffs sound overall really good and present the talent of the guitarist. Sudden solos don't annoy the listener, because they're interesting, well planned and executed. To say it simply: they fit the songs and the moods. The synths occasionally provide help to the guitars, which makes the songs even more interesting and gives the album more listens. This album might have some interesting things in store for those into "guitar heroes", too. And I mean the people.

The drums give out really interesting sounds in the progressive parts, owing, too, a lot to progressive rock. The most progressive parts sound really good because of the innovative and surprising, well-planned beats, but there's really not much to complain about in the calm parts either.

The bass is mostly supporting in the background, it can't be heard as-is that much aside from an occasional short solo/hook. The bass gives nice nuances in the background to the overall music nonetheless.

As a whole this album is really, really good. It just loses something after the first half, the songs don't draw your attention as much. It's not that the quality would go down, because that's not the case. I hope that the band manages to make their mixture between metal and progressive elements even better, because it seems that they're still searching for their own, unique style. Even though the songs have been written and executed with talent, they still seem to be the thing missing that "Reversion-sound/style". With their talent, I believe, this album could've been made tighter.

All in all; a really good buy for all into progressive rock and metal. I just believe that these lads could make an even better album if they would leave some things out, so that the album would be more compact and tight.

8 / 10