There are good synth-black metal bands like Crimson Moon and Gloomy Grim. Sadly, Alghazanth ain't one of them.

The biggest problem here is the production which is so muddy that it buries everything underneath. It sounds like the guitarist is constantly playing one note. You cannot hear the synths properly. The vocalist is as generic as can be, and the drummer employs almost entirely blast beat. This makes the album sound very boring and makes it hard, or almost impossible, to listen through on one sitting. Also, the promo photos in the booklet are one of the worst I have ever seen, and that's pretty harsh judgement. Lyrics are pretty generic with the exception of the first track that's lyrics I am very fond of.

It sounds like Alghazanth were trying really hard to do great synth black metal but in the end got a watered version of the original concept. Don't bother for this, if you want synth black metal pick up Crimson Moon's Under the Serpentine Spell or some Gloomy Grim.

5 / 10