This came to me as a surprise, a black metal album riddled with blast beat but it doesn't suck at all. One thing here is that the drums are actually mixed back so the snare doesn't pound everything else underneath and you can actually enjoy the riffs. Also there are a lot of slower parts with good melodies, WITHOUT the use of synths.

The riffs are way more interesting here than the basic tremolo that so many Darkthrone clones love to overuse. Bass isn't too surprisingly non existent and drummer doesn't really stray from the basic drumlines. The production is a bit weak but that doesn't bother at all. The vocalist does some kind of a combination of growling and screaming which really can't be described, but which works for the album.

After all, this is very good basic black metal album which achieves a lot with no usage of synths. If you are looking for new bands, be sure to check Acheronian Dirge out.

8 / 10