For starters, it is very hard for me to find anything to say about this album. It is very basic traditional doom with a charismatic vocalist. The production is nice and bassy and you can hear all the instruments easily. But the biggest miss of this band is the songwriting. All the songs are almost constantly slow and they are very repetitive. I cannot recall once when the tempo would've gone up. There are few synth instrumentals here but they won't save the album from becoming repetitive and boring very quick.

The riffs are good throughout the album and the vocals are very charismatic. Only thing I miss here is lyric sheet as it is very hard to make out what the singer is singing about. This is their debut and as such is good debut, but with better songwriting this would be way better. Recommended for fans of traditional doom metal, if you are new to this kind of music you might want to start elsewhere.

7 / 10