As a band that hasn't evolved but also kind of has, Arkhon Infaustus have departed from the generic shock value of their earlier efforts, which had song title which read like Dimmu Borgir rejects (The Black Succubus Whores for example) and arrived at the much more delectable satanic imagery that began with Perdition Insanabilis and now graces the cover and lyric sheet of Orthodoxyn.

Arkhon Infaustus employ two vocalists, one doing deep death metal growls and the other mid-pitch black metal shrieks, which makes them pull of the death/black metal sub-sub genre better than if they only had one. At times that the growls are used as a 'bass' to the black metal shrieks, which adds a great emphasis to them.

The first thing that strikes the listener when they spin Orthodoxyn is just how evil it sounds, with guitars rapidly changing pitch, and an ever present feeling of menace lurking behind the wall of sound. While the rest of the musicianship on this album is typical of extreme metal, the drumming on this album, rather than following the tired pattern of 'blastbeats eternal' found in extreme metal and is a nice highlight on the album.

The two tracks that really stand out on this album are probably 'Annunciation To the Holy Ghost' and 'Behind the Husk of Faith'. The former of these two is probably the most evil sounding on the whole album, and the most musically interesting, while the latter has an interesting sample, before this brief period of 'mellow' is quickly destroyed by the closest thing to a solo that Arkhon Infaustus get, a massive noise wall that reeks of evil and violence. Of special note is the track 'Le Particle de Dieu', which is the only song on the album to be sung in French, the bands native language. Sadly however, it fails to really grasp the listener for long enough.

I would happily recommend this album to anyone with an interest in black or death metal, and could easily be counted amongst one of the top albums of 2007.

9 / 10