Ydinmätä, which means "core rot", started their actions in 2007, which is also the year when they recorded the instruments for this EP. The vocals were re-recorded a few times, which caused the release of this EP to be delayed until the beginning of '09. Before starting to record this EP the band had recorded a therapy/joke/whatever-demo, but soon after it's recording the band took a lot more serious approach to their music - and it shows.

On this EP (or demo?) Ydinmätä plays HC-punk with song lenghts around one minute. The songs are based on aggression, fast tempo and such basic HC-gimmicks, but that's not everything the band has to offer; the songs have quite a bit of metal-influences, or at least I sense a bit of (modern) thrash- and even black metal-influences (this is partially also due to the sounds, but more of that later), and there's even a short oriental riff in the beginning of one song. The band has left some thought-out calm parts among the violence, which fit in more than well and also show how seriously these songs have been composed. The record loses some of it's aggression due to the calm parts, but they give the band and the record more personality.

Sound-wise this EP surprised me: the guitar-sound, as well as the overall sound, is very clear and the atmosphere is even somewhat dark. The guitars are surprisingly back in the mix whereas the harsh, aggressive and surprisingly articulate shouting vocals are a bit too high in the mix. These sounds cause the EP to occasionally sound a bit like some norwegian black metal. More edgy and raw sounds would have fit the songs better, but these sounds give the EP it's own unique mood. Sadly, the guitar lacks too much edge to deliver a punch, and the overall mood just isn't enough to carry the EP through it's lenght - or at least not in a too memorable way.

The covers are based on a complaint-form. Even though the idea is original, the outcome is just ugly; the complaint form has been burned, i think, and black text on black/dark grey-background is not enjoyable to read. The lyrics themselves are aggressive, enjoyable and actually make some good points ("violence isn't wrong if you have the right education"). I like it, even though their points may be more than evident.

This EP is good in it's personality, but the band still needs to refine their style to make a greater impact.

7+ / 10