Ultra-minimalistic, very underproduced, ritualistic and almost no variety on tracks. That is how I describe VON as best as I can. But that every track with the expection of Veadtuck is so similar, having simple blast-beat, simple 3 chord riff repeated to infinity and similiar growled vocals is not a bad thing here. By normal standards this album should suck. Really badly. I have already complained on a review that album needs more variety and tempo changes. But somehow this is different. VON succeeds in emitting so dark atmosphere that if there would be real satanic cults that practice dark rituals at full-moon in midst ofa forest sacrificing newborn babies and eating their flesh, this would be the background music for such a happening.

Maybe one thing that makes this so special is so small differences in songs that they go almost always unnoticed. While retaining the same blast bleat on almost all songs, most of them differ by havin cymbal crashes in different tempo and order. Vocals sound exactly same but close listening reveals that they too vary, very little of course. But over analyzing this record is worthless, it should be listened just because of its dark, abrasive atmosphere, not because of great compositions or musical skills. If the first line of words sounded like something you would like to hear, give this a try. If not, then pass this.

9 / 10