"Total World Domination" is the debut full-lenght by On Horns Impaled, a German band which was formed in 2007. Do you want to hear something really oldschool-worshipping? Well, this band plays thrashy black metal with no extra gimmicks; someone might hear some punkrock-influences in their music, though, but as if that would count.

Everything that one can except from this kind of a record is here: rocking songs that are even catchy at their best, a lot of mosh-parts, tempo that stays fast for most of the time, and a good chunk of attitude. The riffs don't present much new, and the bare sounds cause the songs to occasionally get a bit boring.

The songs have a lot of variation between them and there's even a couple of really good hooks. Occasionally the vocal patterns manage to create some really great and catchy segments together with the riffs, such as in the chorus of "Necropolis". Most of the time, though, the vocals and guitars work together in a more basic manner.

The cover song choices need to be mentioned. The Darkthrone-cover fits to the band's sound better than well, and the song has been executed with the care it deserves. Covering GG Allin is a surprising choice, and even though it doesn't work as well as the other cover, it's still really good. The band, and especially the vocalist, could've made some more daring choices in presenting the track, but it's a nice hidden track as-is also.

The used guitar sound is guite clear, even though it's well distorted. This means that the sound doesn't get too thin in the slower parts, and that the riffs don't turn to mush in the faster parts. The instruments having room to breathe and the used guitar sound gives this record it's thrashy touch without destroying the black metal-feel. Even the bass is well audible, boosting the guitar nicely and just sounds good by itself, too. The vocalist's harsh, low growls & shouting vocals with a lot of kick in them suit the music well, but I think they'd work better with more distorted and gritty music, and if they were a bit more back in the mix. The vocals are the rawest element in the music.

The covers arts are plain boring; the dominating greyish colorscape and a mushroomcloud as the cover art are unoriginal as can be, but maybe that was the point, too? The record looks oldschool, but if I saw this record in a shop, I'd probably leave it on the shelf. The lyrics belong to the same category: traditional, simple, not memorable.

The album doesn't have a lot to give to a regular listener; I felt that just after a few spins I lost some of my interest towards the album. For fans of oldschool-expression this record might be a real jewel, but to others this is just another release above average. Depending on your attitude towards such music, the grade would be between a six and something over eight.

7+ / 10