ATF has been going on since '01, if I've understood right, and this is their tenth release. Sadly I haven't heard their earlier works, but the style on this release is quite calm ambient with some bassy drone.

The soundscape conscists of one signal-like high sound with little variation which is quite on top (and pretty much keeps your attention on the track while sounding fitting, thus being a good choice), some more ethereal high sounds and a really overwhelming, calm-sounding bass drone. There's also a variety of some short sound samples scattered here and there as a spice. The higher sounds don't really grab your attention for most of the time, they are there just to create some calm atmosphere; it's the bass that gets the attention. The bass drone sound is really vast, it really takes over the soundscape sounding calm but powerful, and even a bit eerie. It is constantly on the move, changing it's volume level, from droning in the background to calmly "attacking", covering the other sounds, and sometimes fading away just to get the chance to take over the soundscape again.

It's quite surprising how interesting this soundscape really is, despite the calmness and small amount of different (well, at least constant) elements. The overall feeling is really calm even though there's constantly something going on. The higher sounds create a very powerful, calm, overwhelming and even trance-inducing soundscape together with the drone, and, despite the simplicity of the changes within the twenty minutes, the track remains interesting for it's whole lenght. It's like all the elements would've been smelted together. I sense talent and great effort.

9 / 10