Well, for once we have a band which name tells you straight away what kind of music it plays. Anal Blasphemy. If that didn't already give it away, look at the name of the album: Bestial Black Metal Filth.

Yes, this is it. Black Metal with lyrics about raping jesus, killing angels, masturbating on Bibles etc etc. This might sound unorginal and boring to some but the way the band pulls this off is just amazing. The ferocity of the music, the conviction of the vocalist, the album covers, everything is just spot on.

But then comes the bad things. For first, on most songs the vocals and drums dominate the mix and guitars are way on background, which I personally find very irritating. Also there are some parts where the guitars just go WOOOOOOOOM and create wall of drone, burying everything underneath them. I don't know if these things are intentionally done or not, but on the bonus track "Metal For Satan" the production is way better.

The covers. Well, first you see a well-drawn goathead embedded on a pentagram. Then you flip the album around to find a picture of woman stuffing a crucifix into her rectum. Once you open the album you find more pictures of naked women and pictures of Molestor Kadotus himself. It is no surprise that most labels didn't want to handle the album due to the cover art but I find them excellent and they go well with the theme of the album.

Bottomline is that I love almost everything about this album. It is certainly one of the best releases so far on -09 and every black metal fan should buy it.

9 / 10