Funeral doom metal. From Malaysia. I got high hopes for this album due to the country of origin, and wasn't dissapointed. If I had to compare this album to some band it would be Thergothon. Very low production values, extremely slow pace, amazing riffs and growled vocals.

Where this album differs from Thergothon is that there is no synths here. Instead they have almost constant guitar leads played on very high notes.

Production is muddy, deep, bassy and cavernous. The amount of reverb in music is huge, and I love it. The production helps the depressing atmosphere.

The album is a bit too long though. And there are some acoustic parts that does not need to be there and the album would be better off without them. Also when the vocalist does clean singing it is bad and breaks the atmosphere somewhat.

This kind of music is hard to like if you are not used to very slow tempos. I recommend this to fans of Thergothon and funeral doom generally. Modar show that it does not matter where you are from when it comes on making good doom metal.

8 / 10