On their third full-lenght release the electro-rock band Zoomonk went through some changes; the recently added bass-player turned the solo-project into a duo. In a way this album was a test of sorts for the new line-up, and a demonstration of their reformed style. The outcome could be described as some minimal but powerful, atmospheric electro-rock, with some influences from old experimental rock. The songs are still around 2 minutes in lenght.

The guitar is heavily distorted and rocking and it doesn't really create actual riffs for most of the time; they're more closer to some patterns/rhythms and solos, and sometimes something close to noise. The bass has a strong and clear sound, and it's rather simple, repetitive but all the more powerful riffs really keep the songs going forward. The drum machine provides varying and interesting beats, but the evindently plastic sounds might not appeal to everyone. The rather retro-sounding electronics are mostly used in a minimal vein to enchance the atmosphere, and they sound so natural and fitting to the soundscape that they don't really take your attention. Vocals are sung in a very though-out vein, enchancing the atmosphere. The vocals are emotional, rather low, and closer to speaking than singing.

The songs vary between really calm and atmospheric to more straightforward expression, but overall the tempo stays mid-paced. A few of the songs are purely atmospheric and electro-based, but even the more straightforward songs have such an amount of electronics or other atmospheric elements present that the songs and the whole record sounds connected. The songs themselves are basically not the thing here anyway, as the release is more focused on the overall atmosphere. The album has a trance-like atmosphere that relies on the bass guitar and the electronics, and the guitar adds some rocking and noisy elements on top of the atmosphere so that it won't get stale. The bass keeps the songs interesting, takes them forward, and the simplistic patterns have quite some psychedelic value that really makes you sink into the atmosphere.

Sadly, the atmosphere is not enough to carry through the record's lenght. The flow is damaged, meaning that some of the songs don't follow each other in a natural way. It really damages the listening experience, and makes the record feel too lenghty. Focusing on the atmosphere so much caused some of the individual songs to lack hooks, meaning that really concentrating on the album is not a too easy task at times.

It can be seen what the band was aiming for, and they were very near to achieving it. They have talent, without a doubt, but creating a whole for the record still seems to be a problem. Nonetheless, a really impressive effort and a leap forward from the previous releases. I recommend you to listen through this album with headphones at least once, as there's some sounds that are difficult to spot otherwise. Headphones also increase the trance.

7 / 10