It begins with dark ambient intro that sets the atmosphere for this long and depressing journey. One thing is sure, the production is way better than on their debut (reviewed here), which I dislike. I found the muddy production of the debut much more effective than the clean sounds of this album. The production sounds a bit plastic like to my ears. Nothing near Dragonforce or the sorts, and the production ain't ultra clean but it is still a bit disappointing. With reverb the album has a more cavernous sound than the debut. Vocals are put more into the background here, which I find very effective. There is still a lot of high-note, clean, guitar leads. Over the crushing riffs these work as giving the tracks pieces of melody.

Atmosphere here is more bleak and depressing than on the debut, and this might work for some people. I still prefer their debut over this but I recommend checking both albums out if youre into funeral doom.

8 / 10