People tend to hate emos because of their angst and that the music they listen to isn't nothing but whining how life sucks, your girl left you etc.

They should listen to Grief.

Every track on display here is about: how life sucks, how the singer hates his life, how he wants to die and how nobody loves him. Oh, and there is also reference to cutting yourself with a razor here.

But make no mistake, this is way above the shit of My Chemical Romance or Papa Roach or Hawtone Heights.

The music is heavy as fuck. Every string instrument is distorted beyond belief. The vocalist emits the self-loathing and hatred that is in the lyrics with every sound he makes. Uncle Joe Is Sorry About All The Nukes Well Not Really. The music is constantly slow. Tempo won't pick up on the whole record, which may cause some people feel like all the songs are the same intro and have them waitin for that fast part.

The record is spread on to two LP's and there is a bonus track, "Bury the Dead", which lyrics are surprisingly positive.

As I said before, the production is dense and extremely disorted but you can hear all the instruments well. You can hear every hit on the drum set, you can hear every note the guitarist plays. Definetly improvement from their debut, Dismal.

The music is surprisingly diverse for the fact that the tempo won't change during the album. This shows how good writers the band are. Keeping interest up while confining to one set of tempo is not something many bands can pull off.

As for complaints, I have few. For first, its hell lot of work putting the vinyls back into the covers because they tend not to fit. Also, the same picture of strange creature trying to hide from oncoming spikes is used 2 times in the covers and comes as a poster too. Overusing same picture in cover-artwork is never a good thing. The cover itself is great and fits perfectly on LP. I wonder how ugly it would look like on a CD.

My vinyl set is orange but it looks more like toffee and looking at them gives the "too much too sweet" taste to my mouth. It doesnt fit too well with the music.

Otherwise, there is not too much to complain here. If you like sludge, you will enjoy Grief. I prefer their debut, Dismal, but most people would/will be scared of its, well, dismal production values.

8½ / 10