The Finnish Overbreath was formed in the Autumn of '08, and a year later they're offering their debut EP which carries a more than confident name. The rather stylish and fitting release really looks like what it is: 80's-style heavy metal with many oldschool thrash influences, especially from Metallica and Megadeth. In this case, this means some rather simplistic but well-made thrashing riffs, fitting and emotional guitar solos and a good deal of attitude.

The first track is a short and really good opener, as it's simplicity, aggression and catchiness are sure to appeal on the first listen. Especially the simple and surprisingly slow, shouted chorus works well. Sadly, the track's Metallica-influence is too visible, which brings it's value down. The second track starts with some acoustic guitars and an emotional guitar solo, but it soon goes to more aggressive direction, though the track has a slower and emotional chorus which works really well and serves an interesting pause to the thrashing. Third track is closer to the opener with it's catchy Metallica-influenced thrashing, and with a nice melodic mid-part. It's chorus could work otherwise, but the singer doesn't seem to have the voice to deliver it, and thus the end result is rather lame. The chorus' riff isn't too great either, it's too repetitive. The fourth track is farther away from the thrash-formula, as the track is more based on melodies than shredding, and it has many tempo changes. The chorus sounds rather daring in this context, and it really gets the listener's attention. The last song is somewhere between sounding melodic and thrashy, and it has a nice acoustic mid-part in it's beginning that really enchances it's angsty mood. Sadly the track is too focused on it's vocals and lyrics, causing the track to be the weakest one on the album composition-wise. It works well as the EP's closer, but nothing more.

All the instruments are executed well, and the sounds have an approperiate oldschool-vibe in them. The vocalist's age, which is 15(!!), can be heard through the fact that his voice is not yet enough to deliver all the songs' attitude and his voice isn't that credible when thinking of some parts of the lyrics (for example the desperation in track 2) - although he sounds older than he is. He does a good work delivering the aggression and feeling and there's just some minor flaws here and there, but his age might bother some people so it needs to be mentioned. But this is thrash metal, so the flaws in his singing fit in well. He should spend more time writing the lyrics, though, as some parts suffer severe credibility problems: for example most of the last track's lyrics are rather ridiculous.

The biggest problem with this EP is that it's too noticeable that the band hasn't yet found it's own style. The songs are well composed and executed and have enough hooks in them, but as the songs vary so greatly from each other it's hard to get a good image of it, and to fully enjoy it. The many changes in the progression, tempo, and overall feeling within the songs makes it evident that the band has a lot of ideas, but I advise them to work longer on them for the next release. Maybe then their influences wouldn't be so evident, either. Extra points for the evident attitude.

7- / 10