Sludge without feedback from Ireland. This is the debut of the Irish group and contains 3 songs full of slow-motion sludge.

The production is a thing I admire on this record. The bass is clearly audible but still doesn't overpower the mix. The guitar is distorted and flows in the background. With the vocals and drumming the record sounds just dirty.

The atmosphere is dark and full of despair. Although the band doesn't dapple in their lyrics in the usual angst/depression ridden self-hatred that many sludge bands seem to deal with, they still convey a atmosphere of desperation and depression.

The problem with this record is that it get boring after few listens. The song-writing is a problem here and it is somethin that the band seems to struggle on with recent recordings.

This record is nowhere generic sludge album but gets bit boring. In my opinion, fans of sludge should still check it out (on vinyl if possible, of course).

7 / 10