A band of Willy P. based on Robert Pickton, a jolly fellow who was convicted of six second-degree murders of women but confessed/claimed to have killed 49 to an undercover cop, even going as far as saying that he regrets that he was sloppy because he wanted to make it even, 50. Hope he doesn't have too many sleepless nights because of that.

The music Willy presents to us is slow and brooding hybrid of sludge, black metal and dark ambient. The weak points on this record are the drum-machine drums and vocals. The vocals don't fit because they are WAY over-distorted. Otherwise the production is appropriately cold but lacks bassiness. Also, the dark ambient sounds get buried into the music most times, which I do find very annoying.

Almost uniformly slow the songwriting on this album is pretty basic. But it works on the albums favor here, like good sludge/black metal simplicity should and never feels forced or boring. On the album is only one fast song and it is the only song that stands out. This uniformity works a bit against the record itself because you dont know what track is playing as there is no pauses between tracks.

The packaging of the album is superb. The covers are great drawings by one Scott Stearns and the album comes with a booklet. The booklet is very minimalistic and simple, which I appreciate. Also, a and b sides are marked clearly.

Check Whorehouse Massacre's IV if you are interested in good combination of sludge, black metal and dark ambient. It is not perfect but worth of trying out certainly.

8 / 10