DCLXVI (roman numerals for 666) is ATF's second offering on the Witte Dood-label, and number 12 on his whole catalogue. The band's style can be described as ritualistic and slightly brooding ambient on this release, too. There are some things in common with this EP and the band's previous WD-offering, Invokation. Headphones are recommended.

The first minute you'll hear only a mid-pitch thin drone travelling from your ear to another. This drone is most likely made through sound manipulation, meaning that I have no idea of it's origin. It might be some beats? This sound is pushed to the background between one and two minutes, but it'll stay more or less audible throughout the eleven minutes. The space is taken over by a really low and vast drone that has a soft sound with a really slight gritty/noisy touch. This drone keeps traveling from your ear to another throughout the record's lenght, and aside from this panning it doesn't really change, only slightly in volume. The third remaining sound is a high one, most likely a manipulated beat similar to the first one. Occasionally it provides some soft, high, and echoed beats, but most of the time it offers some patterns closer to ambient-esque drone. It changes it's pitch, volume and panning in an unpredictable way, and this way makes the record stay interesting and on the move for it's whole lenght, and provides something to really concentrate on.

ATF really seems to know how to make a hypnotic soundscape. The song builds up slowly, until at the halfway all the elements are very much present, creating a living and moving "thing" that you just have to concentrate on. The minimal elements work very well together in creating this fascinating, calm and even slightly hypnotic soundscape.

Still, eleven minutes of ambient is not too much, especially when the song takes a couple of minutes to build up. There would've been some room for an additional sound, too, although it's visible that the band was aiming to create the hypnosis through minimal elements. I would've gladly heard a sound that would slightly "break" this soundscape on occasion. Nonetheless, this record is strongly recommended for those who are seeking something more daring within the field of ambient, or ritual-music in general.

8 / 10