Formed in '95, this Peruvian group has made a good bunch of smaller recordings and splits throughout their existence, but this far they've only made two full-lenghts: this is the latter one, published already back in '03. Some of the tracks were previously published on "Morfologia Del Desastre" 7-inch, though partly as different versions.

Whereas most of their older recordings are rather close to HC with the rather usual, fuzzy and aggressive soundscape, this record presents something different: the riffs are based a lot on the bass guitar, whereas most of the guitar work is really in the background, either creating actual aggressive riffs, solos or noisier output. Occasionally the guitar riffs come on top, creating additional aggression and hooks; these changes provide a nice amount of variation, keeping the songs and the whole alive and on the move. The drums are really good, and there's a good amount of skillful fills to keep your interest up. The drums could be described as loyal to the punk's overall style, or heritage. The vocals are low and harsh shouts (and occasional screams) with a good amount of aggression, and the lyrics are also mostly audible through them. The vocals have a good dose of originality, and have enough variation in 'em to avoid from them becoming dull.

The music itself? Crusty hardcore punk with a touch of noise provided by the guitars, and a touch of metal provided by the bass guitar and some (even thrashy!) guitar solos. The album's soundscape is rather heavy and a bit damp due to the powerfully pounding and damp bass guitar sound, but combined with the shredding and well distorted guitar sound and the really organic drum sounds the album gets it's crust punk-feel. The album has a lot of variation, which can firstly be noticed by looking at the song lenghts; most of the songs are between one and three minutes long, but three of the songs at the album's end part are five to seven minutes long. Although most of the album relies on HC's musical simplisticity, things are kept interesting by the varying guitars, drum fills and some more metal-oriented mid-parts between the blasting. There's also some more experimental things, such as "Voral" which is a even chaotic-sounding two-minuter based on repetition and some speech-samples, and the instrumental jamming after the slightly softer and "weaker" (due to sticking out amidst the other tracks; five minutes of this is just too much in this context) "¿Ante Quién te Postras Ahora?".

As you may have noticed, I added the album's playtime in two separate parts. The first 36 minutes consist of the actual album, whereas the 23 "additional" minutes consist of the bonus track. The bonus track is actually many tracks: it starts with a pleasantly noisy intro track, after which there's some more HC-oriented material from the band's previous releases, some live material, and a surprisingly doomy and dark outro track taken from "Morfologia Del Desastre" 7-inch. Despite the fact that the sounds between these tracks vary, they sill serve as a pleasant listen and provide a good image of what the band has done before this album, and the varieties of expression they're capable of. I also found it pleasing that there's about four minutes of silence between "Golem" and the bonus track, so that it doesn't damage the album's whole or unnecessarily lenghten it. This is how bonus material should be done!

The album really takes some listens before it starts to truly open up, but already after listening to the first few tracks one can notice how good this band is, and how an original style they have. I also really like the fact that this release challenges the listener in a most pleasant and natural way, and has such variation that it'll last for a lot of listens. Remember to give this album some time, as it'll need it to really grow on you. Aside from the album becoming harder to concentrate on during the last two tracks, simply due to the second-last track "¿Ante Quién..." presenting a lighter and less aggressive side of the band and thus sticking out, disturbing the album's whole a bit, there aren't really any flaws on this album worth mentioning. Very recommended.

9- / 10