Debut of solo project of Sami Hynninen, playing a combination of doom and soft rock. His love for slow music is undisputable but I had hoped something a little faster, because with the expection of Armanenschaft, everything he does seems to be sloooow.

The music of OW takes few listens to grow onto you. On first listen, I found nothing special about this album, it felt just boring and slow just to be slow, but more I spinned this album, more I liked it. It grows into you as slow as the music is. Sami plays all instruments on the album himself, and due to the tempo I cannot spot any immediate mistakes in playing. He employs clean singing only in very few places, which is shame because I actually find the clean vocals here better than what he did with Reverend Bizarre.

One of the biggest griefs with SH's music is that most of the records he makes tend to have almost exact same production that most RB albums had. Some people like this or won't mind it, but to me this makes this album sound a bit unoriginal, and I cannot shake images of RB from my mind, something I think he wasn't shooting for with this.

The artwork of the album is excellent. Outside it's white, and inside there is a cool painting, which I think is made with watercolours. And written on right pannel of the gatefold, in inside, is info for Zyprexa, a drug/medicine for schizophrenia/bunch of other mental diseases. The reason for having it on album art is unknown to me, but it fits the album theme nicely. I have the vinyl edition and while it is glorious, it doesnt come with a booklet, and if there is lyrics printed, I cannot make them out. For those who bought the cd, you get 16 page booklet and there should be lyrics (as far as I know).

This definitely needs some time to grow onto you, and I wouldn't recommend it as introduction to Mr. Hynninen's work, but for those who are already familiar with what he does, pick this up.

8 / 10