Time for a review of a classic record. Count Raven is one of the best trad doom bands that have ever existed, even if they are over-shadowed by their country-mates, Candlemass.

Their music is crushingly heavy, yet melodic, without the aid of synths or female vocals. There are two vocalists on this albums, but their vocals are so alike, it is very hard to tell who is who, without looking at the covers. Also, the bass is very hard to hear, and can be heard only when guitars are not playing. The intro on this album is waste of time. It is boring, and it ain't nice to listen to, nor does it establish atmosphere for the album.

Playing is pretty much flawless on this album, and it contains some of the best written songs in the band's history. They haven't topped, and probably never will top, songs like The True Revelation. Vocals on the album are clean, very powerful. Some say that they sound almost more like Ozzy than Ozzy himself, but I don't hear any similarities.

Artwork of the album is somewhat lackluster. Cover art is nice and fits the mood, but the backcover and the paper that holds the vinyl are a bit odd. This is one of those albums which's artwork doesn't have continuity. They seem just random pictures put together without too much thought.

This album should be found in record collection of anyone who is into trad doom. There are minor flaws but the music makes it all up. One of those releases that are pretty much flawless.

9 / 10