When I heard that Ajattara was making an acoustic album, my first thoughts were "what will come out of that?". I hoped something different than the basic acoustic interludes in metal songs, and was not let down.

This is closest what I would think acoustic black metal album would sound like (to me this is acoustic black metal, as Ajattara has always been black metal to me).

On this album the guitar work is not that melodic playing that is usually done with acoustic guitars. It is more slow and gritty, on some parts only two notes are hit and left to weave away.

The production is really fitting for this album, the guitars sound bassy and muddy, not too clear. The drums are left in the background, giving steady rhythm. On this album there is not really any instrument on show here, they are written to support each other and the atmosphere of the album.

I understand that this album is not everyone's cup of a tea. Obiviously, some songs aren't as good as the others, and the album tends to degrade pretty quickly on long listening. Also, the cd version doesn't do justice to the cover artwork. It just screams for a vinyl version.

I recommend everyone to check this album out. It really divides people into "don't likes" and "likes" and you should see where you stand. To me this is truly the high point of Ajattara's discography.

9½ / 10