This is my favourite Black Funeral album, hands down. Most people hate it though.

The music consist of very obivious drum machine, probably tracked guitar lines and vocals most of the time. There is some usage of different synths from time to time.

Most people find the production of album extremely bad, and while that is true, I think it helps the music and the atmosphere of the album. Also the fact that the tracks are never stale but there is almost constantly something new happening.

This album is industrial black metal to the core. And not that Aborym or Blacklodge kind, but the music reminds more of industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle or SPK.

To make sense out of the lyrics you probably have to be somekind of practioner in luciferian witchcraft or other kind of occultism. Reading books by Michael W. Ford might help too. The cover artwork is pretty good, but nothing too spetacular.

While being my favourite Black Funeral release, this is something that doesn't stand being listened constantly. It is something I listen from time to time, when being in right mood. Otherwise it is very hard to get intothe music.

I recommend this if you enjoy black metal and industrial/noise. If you enjoy only one of those this might be a dissapoitment to you.

8 / 10