Ajattara wasn't a too innovative band for me when they released Äpäre. And it was what I expected, solid slab of black/dark/whatever metal with good production and lyrics.

When listening to Ajattara's albums before Noitumaa, it feels like they are repeating the same ideas over and over, but never becoming boring. There are enough changes in the music to keep you interested, and the atmosphere is really good. Also Ruoja's vocals are great. One of the best things on this album are the synth lines. They aren't what youd call melodic, more atmospheric. Never too front in the mix.

The production is good, everything expect bass is heard very clear. Ruoja's lyrics are once again great. Poetic and dark, and in finnish, which is a bit shame to those who don't understand finnish. And no, they cannot be translated, their poetic quality would pretty much die in the process.

The artwork is one of the best things on the album. Front cover depicts a guy under moonlight, holding some runes, a very spartan image. When you take the booklet out and open it, there comes nice array of naked chicks and some lesbian action going on. And how can you go wrong with that? One problem is the lyrics, they are all written in old finnish style, k's being c's and v's being w's. Also the font is cryptic. While old finnish might look cool, it is not helpful in making out the lyrics.

If you have heard Ajattara's albums like Itse, you know what you get here. I would recommend this only for those who are already fans. To those new to Ajattara's music I recommend you get both Itse and Noitumaa.

8 / 10